Jody Claman built her fortune around appearing on Real Housewives of Vancouver, a that has since defunct. So, she is out here, still making the headlines.

Instead, this time she is fighting for her daughter’s custody rather than dispute with one of the cast member.

Here is everything you need to know about Jody Claman. The quickest road to info.

Who Is Jody Claman?

Jody Claman according to various tabloids, is the perfect drama television star, a title previously owned by Tamra. Ouch. She also describes herself as Martha Stewart on acid. Now that is interesting.

She is practically the American dream but the one that resides in Vancouver. This 54 years old RHOV star is a multi-millionaire which she earned through her gigantic catering business that started as an $800 investment.

On top of that, she owns her own clothing line.

So, by now, we know that she is super rich, also a fashionista, and a television celebrity. What else is she? A mother and a badass ex-wife – Literally.

Married life

Not one, not two but Jody has married three times till now. Her first marriage was with Michael Deakin. When the couple married is not entirely sure but the couple divorced in 1990.

Next up, she married another man named Robert Samways. Again, Jody repeated herself, not by getting married but by keeping the wedding private.

After unknown years of marriage, she and husband Robert divorced in 2001. People call the third time is a charm. But not for Jody.

She married Eran Friedlander, an investment banker but unfortunately, divorced with his as well. She has a daughter, Mia Deakin from her first husband, a son Joshua Samways from the second husband. Joshua is dating a girl named Danice.

Jody Claman and ex-husband Eran Friedlander
Jody Claman and ex-husband Eran Friedlander (

Lastly, she welcomed another daughter Hannah Friedlander from her third marriage.

However, her last marriage created a very prominent buzz when it ended.

Although she has an empire, this might just be that one thing she struggles to maintain. A healthy relationship.

Battle of Exes

After her divorce from Eran in 2014, both exes wanted custody of their daughter, Hannah. However, Jody lost the custody battle when the court found out some serious misleading evidence.

First and foremost, Jody lied about her annual income which resulted in her to pay $50,000 in retroactive child support. Secondly, her ex-husband played a fair game.

The court made an assumption based on Jody’s expenses that her annual income amassed around $200,000 whereas she previously claimed her income to be $5,806.

The court also ordered Jody to pay special costs to Eran. After the court hearing and losing the custody battle, Jody casually gave a tip to anyone who was married to talk to a lawyer.

Jody Claman Bio, Age

RHOV star Jody Claman was born in 1965 in Canada, and she is currently 54 years old. She received her education in Canada itself and started a catering business with only $800 worth investment.

She has two sisters who converted to Judaism. However, she is Jewish.     

Her business bloomed and skyrocketed in a couple of years. She said that once anybody has money, things become easier. She currently has a fashion line, a boutique, and a tea house.

Despite the hospitality business, Jody has no plans to release a cookbook. She currently has her net worth in millions. She was also the runner up for 1981 Miss Teen Vancouver.