The man walks on his feet, traveling around wherever a monster bounty hunter or as people call him The Witcher, whose name is Geralt, Geralt of Rivia. Who is the man? Thanks for asking. His name is Joey Batey.

Playing the role of Jasiker, a bard, in the 2020s most famous Netflix series The Witcher, Joey has gained a lot of attention from his appearance.

Here’s everything you should know about Joey.

Joey Batey Bio, Age, Background

The actor who plays as Jasiker in the famous Netflix series The Witcher, Joey Batey, was born on January 1, 1989, in England.

At the moment, Joey Batey is 31 years old.

Born to white ethnicity parents in England, Joey is a British by nationality and grew up in Newcastle, England.

Joey is the only child of his parents, and he does not have any siblings. Moreover, Joey once stated that his family has a musical background that pulled him towards music as well.

For education, Batey went to the Robinson College, University of Cambridge. It was during his studying days when Batey got heavily involved in acting and writing as well. 

After Cambridge, Batey joined the L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq located in Paris and lived there for quite a while.

Joey Batey Dating, Married?

Does the 31 years old young actor Joey Batey have anyone that he refers to as a significant other? 

This question gets thrown around a lot because Joey is young, handsome, and charming. All the qualities that women love in a man. 

That said, the fact if Joey has a girlfriend right now or married with a wife remains a pretty tricky question. Back in the day, Joey posted a picture on Instagram with the lead actress in The Witcher Anya Chalotra. 

Joey Batey and co-star Anya Chalotra.
Joey Batey and co-star Anya Chalotra. (

The picture raised may question about Joey and Anya possibly dating and remaining as secretive boyfriend and girlfriend. 

However, there are several other tabloid news that suggests Anya is dating another person. The photo seems like two close colleagues having fun together.

This unclear relationship status, however, leads to another question. 

Is Joey Batey Gay?

As annoying as this question may seem, this remains a valid question to ask because of the circumstances.

Joey Batey does not talk about his relationship status, which means that he’s very concerned about personal privacy.

Is that because of his sexuality? Is Joey Batey really of gay sexual orientation?

Well, many people think that this is a hoax born out of ignorance, and many agree to it as well.

At the moment, Joey does not clarify his sexuality because the actor does not feel like there’s anything to clarify.

Till the day Batey says, otherwise, he’s a straight man.

Joey Batey Career, Net Worth

Batey began his career as an actor back in 2013 when he appeared on Murder on the Home Front. Followed by that, Batey appeared in The Riot Club as Eager Chap.

Batey has also appeared in many shows like The White Queen, Whitechapel, In the Dark, Knightfall, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

However, major recognition in Batey’s acting career came when he began appearing as Jasiker in The Witcher since 2019.

Batey, as per producers, was the perfect actor for the role of Jasiker because of his musical background as well as his uncanny charm, good looks, and humor.

Talking about Batey’s musical background, he plays an array of musical instruments and has a band.

Batey currently serves as a vocalist and musician for the indie-folk band called The Amazing Devil.

Working both as an actor and musician, Joey Batey enjoys the best of both worlds. When it comes to net worth, since bagging a role in a famous Netflix show, Batey earns a big chunk. 

According to tabloids, Joey earns approximately $300,000 per episode from The Witcher which is a very handsome amount. However, the figures are not verified by Batey himself.

If the figures are correct then Batey is a millionaire by now. $300,000 per episode for eight episodes in season one got $2.4 million. That said, Batey's net worth is above the six figures according to the claim.