The only question that Home Improvement fans these days have are, “Where is Jonathan Taylor Thomas?” 

Get all your answers right here.

Where Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Now in 2020?

Born in the 80s, Jonathan Taylor began his career as an actor very young. 

At the age of six, in 1987, Thomas got a role in The Adventures of Spot as Spot, although it was only a voice actor job.

Later, at the age of 10, he appeared in Home Improvement as Randy Taylor. That’s when the whole world saw his amazing charming personality even as a kid.

Thomas received a lot of acting jobs at a very young age that kept him extremely busy.

Thomas left the show at the end of season 8 so that he could continue his education properly.

Since then, he’s been ghosting the whole world.

Some say that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is dead. But well, he left acting to focus on his education.

However, the answer to where Jonathan Taylor Thomas is quite uncertain. There have been a couple of sightings here and there, but that’s all. 

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Education

Thomas joined a private high school in Los Angeles and continued his early education. 

After graduating from high school, Jonathan got accepted at Harvard University in 2000, at the age of 19.

At Harvard University, Thomas studied Philosophy and History. However, the young actor only studied at Harvard for two years.

He then traveled to Scotland to join St. Andrews and study there. 

The Harvard University dropout who later went to St. Andrews came back to the United States to continue his formal studies.

After returning to the United States, Jonathan joined Columbia University and completed his education.

Thomas graduated from Columbia University in 2010.

Re-Surfacing as Actor Again

Jonathan had stopped acting in 2005, at the age of 18. However, the former child actor re-surfaced in 2013.

In 2013, Jonathan appeared in Last Man Standing as John Baker/ Randy. He appeared in the show for four episodes in a span of 2 years. 

During that time, Jonathan also served as a director for the show for three episodes. 

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Why Jonathan Taylor Thomas Stopped Acting?

The simple reason why Jonathan Taylor Thomas stopped working as an actor initially was that he wanted to continue his studies. 

However, there was a real and deeper reason why Jonathan Taylor left acting for good. He had already suffered from burnout during his teen days.

According to Thomas, he was a teen boy who had school, friends, and a career that kept him so busy that he couldn’t take time off even while having health issues.

Jonathan began suffering from migraines from a very young age. But he couldn’t even take days off because of that. 

Taylor quipped,

“I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve done with full-blown migraine headaches.”

Another reason why Thomas stopped was that he never really took fame from his acting career seriously. 

Thomas believes that it was a time in his life and only tries to focus on the good memories which magazine shoots weren’t a part of.

Thomas revealed that he hated magazine covers and did not like doing shoots for it. It was very hard for him to ignore magazine covers because he was one of the most famous young actors in his teen days. 

Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Married?

Born on September 8, 1981, Thomas is 39 years old today. 

Given the fact that Jonathan is 39 years old today, there’s a pretty high chance that he’s already married. 

However, even if Thomas was married to a wife and had a family, there’s virtually no way of knowing that. 

Like some skilled agents in a James Bond movie, Jonathan is completely off the radar.

There’s also a high chance that his parents’ marriage that failed when Jonathan was only 10, has influenced him in a negative way.

His parents Stephen Weiss and Claudine Weiss, divorced in 1991. 

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Does That Mean He’s Gay?

This has been perfectly clear from a very long time, and there shall be no double takes about his sexuality.

However, the actor who has a net worth of millions is absolutely straight.

In an interview, Thomas stated how a famous person isn’t entirely famous if he isn’t rumored as a gay man. 

When pressed on with a more direct question, Jonathan confessed that he’s not a gay man. 

He said that in an interview at the age of 17, during the prime adolescent time of his life.