Katelyn Ohashi, the internet’s favorite Gymnast, has millions of followers today. Thanks to her viral floor routine video that quadrupled her fame overnight. 

Unfortunately, Ohashi suffered from fame in ways people did not imagine. Here’s every detail about Katelyn. 

From age and family to boyfriend, relationship, and struggling with fame. 

Who Is Katelyn Ohashi? Age, Bio

Katelyn Ohashi was born on April 12, 1997, in Seattle, Washington. She’s 23 years old. 

Katelyn has a height of 4 feet 10 inches.

Ohashi has that distinct mixed-ethnicity face which she got from her parents. 

She was born to Richard Ohashi and Diana Ohashi, Katelyn American by nationality. 

However, her father, Richard, is Japanese, while her mother, Diana, is of German descent.

Ohashi is the youngest of four children. She has three older brothers named Ryan Ohashi, Kyle Ohashi, and Kalen Ohashi.

Katelyn Ohashi with parents and brothers?
Katelyn Ohashi with parents and brothers. (instagram.com)

From a very young age of three years old, Ohashi began involving herself in athletics. It’s also the age at which she began gymnastics. 

Who Is Katelyn Ohashi’s Boyfriend? Dating, Relationships

Katelyn is beautiful, smart, and passionate about gymnastics. All the qualities that people look for in their potential partner. 

However, amid this fact, there’s just one question. 

Is Katelyn Ohashi single or not?

The answer to this question is uncertain at the moment. 

Ohashi, the gender studies graduate from UCLA, hardly talks about her personal life in interviews. Neither does she reveal it in social media. 

This just might be the result of the negative attention she received from social media in 2019. More on that matter below. 

However, today, Katelyn Ohashi is single; assumption based on lack of evidence. 

For someone like Katelyn, there’s a pretty solid chance she already has a boyfriend. She was just dating in secrecy. 

Ohashi’s Viral Floor Routine

In early 2019, Ohashi shot to fame when millions of people watched her floor routine in awe. 

Early that year, Ohashi performed a floor routine for UCLA gymnastics, which UCLA Athletics put on their YouTube channel.

Ohashi performed her floor routine on famous songs by Tina Turner and Beyonce, while also including dance steps. 

The routine received a perfect ten from judges. 

When UCLA put the video on YouTube, that’s when the real magic began. In just a couple of weeks, millions of people watched that video.

Just like that, Ohashi’s perfect ten floor routine made her an internet celebrity overnight. 

As of now, that particular video in question has received more than 135 million views on YouTube. 

However, this success is just the brighter part of what dark roads Ohashi had to walk in the past. 

Weight Gain

In 2013, Ohashi rose to fame when she won Gold in the American Cup, snatching the place from Simone Biles. 

While everyone thought Katelyn was due for a major international breakthrough, she hurt her shoulder and spine. 

Katelyn sustained injuries that put weeks-long hiatus on her training. It also drove Ohashi away from competing until the 2015 seasons.

During her resting period, Katelyn gained weight, which led her to feel miserable.

"I felt uncomfortable walking back into the gym like there were eyes just targeted at me. I hated taking pictures. I hated everything about myself."

Body Shaming 

Katelyn revealed her struggle with body shaming in an interview with ESPN.

She said,

“I was honestly body shamed a lot during this time, being told things like, I look an Elephant, or I look like I swallowed a pig.”

Instead of 7 hours a day of hard training, every single day, Ohashi thought being pushed to limits in a negative way was scarier. 

However, when Katelyn met her coach, Miss Val, at UCLA, things changed.

Under Miss Val’s guidance, Ohashi has started to focus on excellence rather than perfection. 

That has helped Katelyn a lot in terms of mental stability and dealing with criticisms. 

Katelyn proudly states that she now sees things and people who add toxicity to her life and let them go. 

Earlier, she would let the toxic people remain in her life, and further bury her in a dark place. 

Katelyn Ohashi Net Worth

According to Shmoop, elite-level gymnasts make an estimated $1.2 million in their lifetime. 

As of now, the 23 years old Katelyn has not revealed her net worth. 

However, today, Katelyn Ohashi has an estimated net worth of $500,000.