Sharon Tay, the former MSNBC network journalist, tops the list of “most beautiful journalists.” So much so that CBS Network puts her on top 7 of 'TV's Sexiest News Anchors.'

So who exactly is Sharon Tay and what does her life look like behind the camera. Find out right here. All about Sharon Tay’s personal life – From dating and married to even her biography.

KCBS-TV Sharon Tay: Who Is She? Wiki, Bio, Age

American KCBS-TV journalist Sharon Tay was born on October 15, 1966, in Singapore to parents who were native Asians. Sharon is currently 52 years old.

Some say that Sharon had plastic surgery to maintain such a young-looking face and astonishing body measurements that go with it.

However, Sharon and her family later moved to the United States when she was just seven years old.

For most of her childhood, Sharon grew up in Connecticut where her family settled after Immigrating. However, later, the family again moved to live in the Philippines.

This transition allowed Sharon to gather knowledge of different places and meet different people. Tay graduated from a local high school in Massachusetts.

For higher educational degree, Tay enrolled at the Boston University and graduated with a Bachelor in science degree in Broadcast Journalism along with a minor in International Relations.

Sharon Tay: Married Or Dating?

To be completely honest and tell the truth right away – Neither.

That is right; the smoking hot journalist is neither dating nor married – as far as anyone knows, of course.

Sharon posts a lot of pictures with men, and one picture, in particular, made everyone’s eyes pop. In a December of 2018 post, Sharon called a hunk named Luigi Irauzqui her love.

Sharon Tay and Luigi Irauzqui (on her left)
Sharon Tay and Luigi Irauzqui (on Tay's her left). (

While this looked suspicious enough to guess Luigi was her boyfriend or her husband, turns out he is not.

Sharon and Luigi are best of pals, and there are a lot of men who Tay calls her best friend.

Is Tay the ‘Friendzone’ master? We’ll never know.

What we do know is Sharon looks like a very private person when it comes to her romantic relationship. As of now, for all we know, Sharon is single.

But if she is dating or secretly married to someone, then that is a YAY! as well.

Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

As we told earlier, some people speculate that Sharon Tay underwent surgery to attain those luscious curves at all right places. This is the era where people quickly assume someone with astonishing measurements went to plastic surgery.

But surprisingly, evidence shows that Sharon indeed underwent plastic surgery. A particular source confidently claims that Sharon got Botox Injections as well as Fillers Injection and Rhinoplasty.

Botox injections work to give a person younger-looking face while Fillers Injections work to change certain aspects of the face like cheeks, lips, etc.

Sharon also presumably got Rhinoplasty as her nose area looks noticeably thinner in comparison to her early day's looks.

However, there is no solid evidence about Sharon getting plastic surgeries. There is also the possibility of weight loss, proper diet, nutrition, and lots of exercises.

Sharon Tay Salary, Net Worth

As far as her career goes, Sharon Tay is pretty high on the list of a successful journalist. Tay started her career in journalism with Boston Cable News as a reporter, writer, director, editor and eventually got promoted to as an anchor.

Tay then joined a CBS affiliate network in California as a general assignment reporter. Tay later joined the KTLA network. While working there, Sharon won an Emmy award as well.

In 2005, Tay joined the MSNBC network as a host and producer for two shows. In 2013, Tay moved to KCBS-TV and currently has a roughly estimated salary of over $200,000 annually.

According to different sources, Sharon Tay has a net worth of $1.5 million.