Many people become quite successful because of one single blooper that happens on live TV.

For example, Robert Kelly, who remains famous as BBC Dad. Similar to this man, here is Melinda Meza.

While BBC Dad’s children barged in during a live interview, things were more explicit for Melinda.

Learn more about this KCRA reporter’s personal life.

KCRA Melinda Meza Personal Life, Married

The very talented KCRA reporter Melinda Meza is a proud wife, and she boasts about it to the whole world.

That is right, Melinda Meza is married, and her husband’s name is Mike De Lambert.

Melinda Meza and husband Mike De Lambert.
Melinda Meza and husband Mike De Lambert. (

Talking more about Mike here, he was born in Santa Rosa, California.

Who Is Melinda Meza’s Husband Mike De Lambert?

Mike Lambert graduated from the Santa Rosa Junior College and later attended San Diego State University, where he studied BS, Industrial Design.

After graduating from San Diego State University, Lambert graduated from San Jose State University with a minor in Business/Marketing and majoring in Product Design.

 Mike initially started his career as a Senior Industrial Designer at Alto Design Group in 1986.

Later, Mike worked at JAX International, Semco, KnowledgeTract/ Enfish Corporation, and in 2003, Mike worked as Production Sales Manager & Marketing Manager at Precision Cabinets & Trim.

In 2013, Mike joined as a General Manager at the Mid Continent Cabinetry and worked there for almost two years.

After leaving Mid Continent Cabinetry, Mike opened his own firm called MD Design & Build in 2016.

Melinda Meza and Husband Mike De Lambert Relationship

Melinda Meza and husband Mike De Lambert married each other on August 30, 2004. Melinda took Mike for all that he is and all that he had, that is a son.

That is right. Mike De Lambert has two a son from his previous relationship. While Melinda had a past marriage or not remains a question, she did not have any children when she married Mike.

Melinda Meza with husband and family
Melinda Meza with husband and family. (

While talking about Mike’s children, he has a son whose name is Austin De Lambert. Melinda and Mike also have another child together, a son born on April 8, 2006, and they named him Thomas.

Melinda Meza’s Showering Husband On TV

Most recently, in a live segment for KCRA, Melinda was showing and explaining tips about hairstyling from her bathroom.

There, people could distinguish a naked figure showering in the back in the reflection of the bathroom mirror.

While Melinda did not realize that her husband was visible to the camera, viewers became aware of that, and Melinda instantly became a sensation on social media.

Not sure how her husband is taking that all in as people saw him showering on a live TV, although all that was very unintentional.

Melinda Meza Bio, Age, Measurements

The San Joaquin County Bureau Chief Melinda Meza was born on April 11, 1975, in San Diego. At the moment, Melinda’s age is 45 years old.

Talking about her measurements, Melinda’s height is approximately 5.6 ft, which is the quite impressive height for most women.

Melinda went to San Diego State University, where she studied Journalism and did studies on Mexican-America Studies as well.

Melinda started her career in journalism in 1993 as a producer and writer but as a trainee.

Since then, Melinda has worked as a reporter for KHSL, KFTY-50 News, KOVR, KMAX, TV30, KTVU, KGO ABC7 News.

Between those times, Melinda also founded MKM Production and became the owner and Executive producer as well.

In 2012, Melinda joined the KCRA-TV as a News reporter and had remained with the network since.

With much experience, Melinda also earns a fair salary as well.