The whole world knows her as a Fox News reporter who is, truth be told, very good at what she does. But behind the camera is someone who loves to dance and is a cookie monster.

You didn’t know all of that? Well, you are in for a treat today because there are a lot of things that is not known about Kristina Partsinevelos. Who is she dating? Is she already married? Well, these kind of question will come to an end as of now.

Keep reading to know all there is about this Fox News Reporter.

Kristina Partsinevelos Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Dating

Just wondering who this undeniably beautiful Fox News reporter is committed to now? Is she married or just casually dating? Well, the answer may be of surprise to men out there.

She is not married but hold your horses because she is not single either. Kristina Partsinevelos is currently dating and rightly so.

Kristina Partsinevelos & boyfriend Mark Glaire at gym #couplegoals (

From what her Instagram posts show she is dating and her boyfriend is Mark Glaire. He currently works at the University of Oxford in DPhil Biomedical and Clinical Sciences. Previously, he worked at the Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Fellowship.

Prior to that, Mark worked as an Academic Foundation Year Doctor at the Oxford University Hospital NGS Foundation Trust.

The couple have been dating for quite some time now and remain very happy with each other. As described from a recent post, Kristina said that every time she is with Mark, it is a good time.

Kristina Partsinevelos and boyfriend Mark Glaire. (

Keeping that in mind, Kristina and boyfriend Mark are in very good terms and there are not chances of split.

If things go this way in future, who knows, the couple might just get married and Mark may become her husband. That would be so sweet!

Fox News Kristina Partsinevelos Wiki (Age), Salary, Net Worth, Now

Kristina Partsinevelos was born on September 30, 1985, in United States and is currently of age 33. She graduated from the Carleton University in Master of Journalism, Broadcast Journalism.

She later graduated with Masters of Business Administration from the University of Oxford. However, Kristina started her career very early as a B2B sales representative. She later moved to join CTV Montreal as chase producer, reporter and moved to CBC as a TV and Radio Reporter.

She spent more than 2 years as a Business News Network Reporter at Bell Media and later joined Fox network in 2018 is now serves as a Business Reporter.

At the moment, Kristina has not revealed her salary but since an average Fox News reporter makes roughly $46 thousand to $86 thousand a year, it is most likely that Kristina is paid much more which also puts her net worth pretty high.