Russian actress Kristina Pimenova is bestowed with love and support just at the age of 13. The success and popularity that Kristina has attained at a very young age is something that's very commendable.

The child model and actress might not have many acting credits under her belt; however, she has a huge fan following. Since Kristina has been surrounded by fame, her personal life, as well as professional life, has been a matter of interest.

And if you are one of those who is curious about her family life, you might have just landed in the right place. Here is all that you need to know about Kristina Pimenova.

Family Life: Parents And Siblings

Kristina has been raised in very supportive family background. She was born to parents Ruslan Pimenov and Glikeriya Shirokova. Her father, Ruslan, is a former footballer whereas her mother, Glikeriya, is a model. Her father even represented Russia in the 2002 FIFA World Cup where he played two games.

Kristina Pimenova with her parents, Ruslan Pimenov and Glikeriya Shirokova. (Photo Credit:

Reportedly, her parents fell in love after they met at the Russian football club in Moscow (FC Lokomotiv Moscow). During that time, her father used to play professional football, and her mother was working as one of the staff members of the football club. The couple then got married after dating for a while.

Talking about Kristina's siblings, she has a half-sister named Natalia.

Professional Career & Net Worth

Kristina, who is regarded as 'the world's most beautiful girl,' began her professional career at the age of 3. She did her first photoshoot a little before her fourth birthday. 

When Kristina was very young, she was seldom surrounded by people in the public places that she visited with her parents. Her mother remembers the people adoring Kristina, giving comments like 'Oh, such a sweet child' and 'look at her.'

Since Kristina was cute, her mother Glikeriya sent some of her pictures to a model agency for children, President Kids. They were then invited for a chat and Kristina was added to their database. 

The cute and charming Kristina had a first portfolio done when she turned four. She then did modeling for several brands like Armani, Burberry, Benetton, and Roberto Cavalli. While appearing in the advertisements of popular establishments, Kristina gained the title of the world's most beautiful girl. She also appeared on the cover of Vogue Kid on April 2015.

Apart from modeling, Kristina also had an interest in acting. She has appeared in the movies like Creators: The Past and horror-thriller film The Russian Bride.

Amidst the popularity, Kristina has also received many criticisms. Back in 2014, her mother was criticized for the pictures that she shared on Kristina's social media handles. She was even accused of sexualizing her daughter by sharing her provocative pictures. Kristina's pictures received some disturbing comments like 'sexy legs.' Glikeriya instead attacked the critics calling them pedophiles for seeing something in the pictures.

Since Kristina has now marked her presence in the industry, she is believed to have been receiving an amazing payroll from her modeling career. Similarly, her net worth is assumed to be thousands of dollars. 

Short Bio & Wiki

The Russian child model and actress Kristina was born as Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova in 2005. She has her birthday on 27 December. She currently lives in the United States. At the age of 13, Kristina is 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) in height. Well, she's bound to gain more height with the increase in her age.

As of now, being an Internet sensation, Kristina has whopping 2.5M followers on her Instagram and 4.2M followers on Facebook. Here social media accounts are currently managed by her mother.