Eric Spillman, the KLTA reporter, has all the happiness in the world. While he reports on what is essential and the things that are making an impact, several people do not know about him.

However, if looked carefully, Eric is one happy man; both professionally and personally. Spillman channels his energy from his beautiful and very loving children.

Here is everything about Eric that you ought to know.

Eric Spillman Personal Life: Wife, Married

Spillman is one of that reporter who is very much in love with his profession. Journalism gives him the energy to succeed more in life, and so does his personal life.

Fifty-seven years old now, Spill man has remained married for roughly half of his life and committed to only one woman.

The name of Eric’s beautiful wife is Lynne Spillman. After meeting back in the 90s, Spillman fell in love with Lynne, and the feeling was mutual.

Eric Spillman and wife Lynne on wedding day
Eric Spillman and wife Lynne on wedding day.(

On June 22, 1997, Eric and Lynne married each in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Both young and full of aspiration, Eric and wife Lynne started their journey together.

Here, today, after more than two decades later, their love still counts as one of the successful ones.

Eric Spillman Family

After getting married, Eric and Lynne started their family. After a year later, Eric and Lynne welcomed their first child, a son and named him Ben Spillman.

A couple of years down the road, he Spillman couple welcomed another child and this time a daughter. They named her Sara Spillman.

Eric Spillman with Daughter (right) son (left) and wife Lynne(far left)
Eric Spillman with Daughter (right) son (left) and wife Lynne(far left). (

As of now, Eric, wife Lynne and their children Ben and Sara have a very close-knit relationship. While Ben is working at the moment as a production assistant at the NCCA tournament, daughter Sara is still in college.

The whole family enjoys a vacation now and then and love going to new places.

Eric Spillman Career

Spillman enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley and there he primarily studied English Language and Literature/Letters. After about two years, Eric graduated from university.

Eric started his career with KSBY-TV back in 1986 as a news reporter. He worked there for two years before moving to KLAS TV under the same designation as the last one.

Eric left the network for KLTA in 1991, and since then, he is serving as a News Reporter for the network. Eric is closing to celebrating three decades with the network.

As far as the talk about his wife goes, Lynne graduated from Syracuse University and started working as a Casting Director at MGM.

Since the last 20 years, Lynne has been serving as a Casting Director for The Amazing Race.

Eric Spillman Bio

Talented KLTA news reporter Eric Spillman was born on April 26, 1962, in the United States of America. As of now, Eric’s age is 57 and spends his time with wife Lynne and children Ben and Sara.

Eric has been working with KLTA for 28 years now and has his net worth ranging in millions. Using his massive fortune, Eric lives in a lovely house and loves going on vacations with his wife and children.