What Liberte Chan does somehow resembles superhuman powers. Chan works hard, makes time to travel, does yoga in its extreme form, and manages to stay an exercise addict as well.

But is it that all these things have left no room for a personal life? What about her marriage with actor husband? Is the KTLA reporter single?

Find out all there is right here.

KTLA Liberte Chan Personal Life: Married, Husband

So, as a successful journalist, Liberte stays quite independent and likes to show off her elegant and content lifestyle in the most humble.

And we have to say; we cannot seem to get enough of all the wisdom she pours upon her followers with all those posts. But there is one thing missing from all her moments.

Liberte’s husband, Brian Chase.

Yes. Liberte Chan is married, or should we say WAS married?

Back in the early 2010s, Chan and Brian Chase, an actor by profession married each other. After meeting for the first time and realizing both were in love after perpetual dating sessions, Chan and Chase took the step.

See, even their last names somewhat match.

To make things more like a fairy tale, Chan and Chase agreed to a wedding venue.

Liberte and Brian: The Wedding

A wedding can involve lifetime worth of brainstorming sessions, and it seemed no different for Liberte and Brian.

However, both ended up agreeing to the Garden of Greystone Mansion as their spot. Located in Beverly Hills, California, the mansion provided a spectacular surrounding.

Liberte Chan and husband on wedding day
Liberte Chan and husband on wedding day. (facebook.com)

In front of only the closest friends and family members, Liberte Chan became Mrs. Chase as they swapped their vows and said: “I do.”

Liberte Chan Separation: Divorce

While everything went by smoothly for the loved up couple, things started to get sour within a few years. Adding to that, people started to notice the missing wedding band from Liberte Chan when she appeared on the screen.

As of now, despite Liberte remaining pretty silent, we believe that the self-proclaimed exercise addict and her actor husband have divorced.

Liberte does not seem to meet Brian anymore as well because Liberte never posts any picture with him.

Is Liberte Chan Dating?

California born Liberte is very pretty, and there’s no denying that. But it seems like this beauty has decided to stay single for a while.

Or so she makes it look like it.

As of now, no confirmation for Liberte is public about her relationship status. She may well have a budding secret relationship. Until the day Chan decides to reveal anything, we suspect everyone’s claims will remain as a speculation.

Liberte Chan Bio, Age, Net Worth

People’s favorite Liberte Chan was born on June 16. Chan was born to a Chinese mom and an American father.

In her family, Liberte has her siblings and her step-father as well after her mother remarried. Apart from family, Chan also had a golden lab called Shanti. However, she sadly passed away on December 2, 2018.

As a child, Liberte did ice-skating and participated in competitive figure ice-skating games.

As a child, Liberte studied at the Marlborough High School for Girls and later joined the University of Massachusetts. After getting her bachelor’s degree Liberte enrolled at the University of Southern California from where she graduated in 2005.

While starting her Master’s program, Liberte started working with KLTA as a News Writer and then moved to work as a General Assignment Reporter for KCOY in 2006.

From there, Chan joined the KMIR 6 team as a morning anchor, reporter and worked there until 2010; the year she joined the KLTA again as a meteorologist and weathercaster.

As of now, Liberte enjoys a massive net worth that floats in a million range.