Wendy Burch goes by many titles, and advocate, and journalist are the major ones. She makes reporting look so easy that most people think she’s a natural.

Burch manages to report on the important, but when it comes to her personal life, what does she do? There are a lot of things going on in her life, the worse, the good, and the absolute best.

Learn all about Wendy’s personal life right here.

Wendy Burch Personal Life: Engaged, Married, Relationship

When it comes to personal life, Wendy is like an open book that turns the pages on its own accord. Meaning, people only know about Wendy what she chooses to let them know.

From a relationship perspective, Wendy is singe at the moment and more than happy for a particular reason. However, it is in her relationship were the worse lies.

Back in the years, Wendy met a man named Charlie Monfort, the Colorado Rockies MLB team owner. Burch and Monfort hit it off quite nicely, but after some time of dating, things started to shift sideways.

Eventually, Burch and Monfort split. Sometimes after, Wendy met another man, Joe Maloof. Maloof professionally as an entrepreneur. He served as the president of Maloof Companies and also owned the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

After dating for some time, Burch’s affair with Maloof came to an end.

Almost Married Bruce Taylor

After her two relationships, Burch met Bruce Taylor. Burch and Taylor’s dating affair came as a strong one, and the couple got engaged.

Wendy Burch with ex-partner Bruce Taylor
Wendy Burch with ex-partner Bruce Taylor. (gettyimages.com)

While engaged, Burch and Taylor started talking about marriage. However, during those times, there began a slight shift in feelings.

Even though noticing the slowly growing rift, Burch and Taylor held on to each other. After some times, Burch announced the news that she was pregnant.

However, the pregnancy came after five years of infertility and that too, with the help of an egg donor. All the struggle created more and more distance between the couple.

All this eventually led to calling off their engagement; ultimately calling off their relationship. However, the fact that Burch was pregnant during the time of the split affected her more severely.

Pregnant, Welcoming Son

Despite the despair moments that Burch struggles with, she managed to slash through it all and welcome her son.

On January 25, 2015, Burch welcomed her beautiful son and named him Brady Burch Taylor. Despite the split, Burch thought it appropriate to have Brady’s biological father’s last name attached to his.

Wendy Burch with son Brady Burch Taylor
Wendy Burch with son Brady Burch Taylor. (Instagram.com)

And this is also where the best is for Burch when it comes to her personal life. Burch currently looks after her son and also maintains a full-time job as a journalist.

Because Wendy is so busy looking after her cute little son, she proudly calls herself a single mom. With all the responsibilities at hand, Wendy considers relationships a lesser priority at the moment.

Wendy Burch Bio, Age, Career

Famous advocate and journalist for KLTA, Wendy Burch was born on February 5, 1969, in Salt Lake City, Utah. As of now, Wendy is 50 years old, but she hardly looks like someone in their 50s.

Graduating from Brigham Young University in 1990, specifically focusing on communication and broadcast journalism, Wendy started her career as Television Reporter for KCAL-TV in 1997.

During Wendy’s initial career, she has worked with E Entertainment, KPHO, KABC, founded The Good News Foundation, author and advocate for The Pregnant Pause (currently active) and BIG Crowd Communications.

Wendy associated with KLTA network in 2009 and has served as a Television Journalist ever since. As of now, Wendy has a massive net worth that ranges in millions.

She looks after her son and aspires to maintain a very comfortable life for him. Wendy also adopted a dog and named him Murphy.