There is a lot to know about Maria Quiban, and many few people have known it so far. How would you like to become one of them?

Did you know that Maria has multiple marriage affairs in her past and her most recent one ended with a tragedy?

Here you find everything about Maria and her personal life-related queries. Read more to know more.

Maria Quiban Personal Life

As we already told you, Maria has married multiple times till now. But for all the men who are curious about her current relationship status, she is single – more or less.

With that out of the way, let us explore more inside her personal life. Maria Quiban first married pretty early in her days.

Maria Quiban: First Marriage

During her teenage days, Maria met a guy and fell in love with him. So much so that she decided getting married was the right choice.

Maria also went forward and welcomed a baby boy with her husband and named her son Desmond Quiban. The baby was born in 1987, and at the moment he’s 32 years old.

As people say that young love is often driven by the sheer urge of rush and largely described as indecisiveness. Some years after her marriage, the relationship started to shake and tumble, and as Maria saw no way to salvage her relationship, she abandoned the relationship and divorced her mystery husband.

Maria Quiban: Second Marriage

Shortly after divorcing her husband, Maria met another man named Brian Messner. Maria and Brian dated for some time before deciding to get married.

On October 9, 1999, Maria and then-boyfriend Brian Messner married each other in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Maria and Brian held the reception at Palos Verdes which many of Maria’s famous friends like Lito Capina, attended.

Unfortunately, this relationship did not serve Maria well as she and Brian ended up getting divorced after some years of marriage.

They did not welcome any children while married, which made the separation process fairly uncomplicated.

Maria Quiban: Third Marriage

After the divorce from her second husband Brian Messner, Maria found love again with a wonderful man named Sean Whitesell. Professionally, Sean pursued the career of an actor and made very good progress in acting.

Because of all the unnecessary attraction her previous two marriages received, The Good Day anchor did not want to make a big thing out of her third one.

This time, Maria quietly married Sean. In 2010, Maria welcomed a baby boy with Sean and named him Gus Whitesell.

Maria Quiban with son Gus
Maria Quiban with son Gus. (

Unfortunately, for the family’s horror, Sean diagnosed with a stage 4 Glioblastoma, a type of aggressive brain cancer in 2014.

On December 28, 2015, Sean Whitesell lost his long one and half year-long battle to Cancer and died while holding the hands of his wife, Maria.

Maria released a public statement revealing the death of Sean and asking for some privacy in these hard times.

Relationship Now: Dating?

After the death of Maria’s husband Sean Whitesell, Maria remains reportedly single and nevertheless happy. She spends time with her son and goes to fun events every once in a while.

As of now and until any further notice from Maria, she is single and happily living with her son Gus.

Maria Quiban Bio, Age, Salary

American journalist Maria Quiban was born on October 28, 1970, in Cebu City, Philippines. As of now, Maria is 48 years old.

When Maria was a mere child of age 9, her family moved to Honolulu. Quiban went to the Aiea High School as a young child and after graduation, went to the University of Hawaii.

After graduating, Maria started a career in Journalism as that is the subject she focused in University.

Quiban started as a Weather Anchor for NBC News Hawaii in 1996 and then moved to QooL Media Studios as Executive Producer in 2012. From there, she worked as a Producer and a host of for eight years.

However, during all the time Maria remained with Fox11 Los Angeles as a News Anchor and Meteorologist. As of now, Maria enjoys a massive salary of over $100 thousand annually and has a net worth that ranges in a million.