Crazy how passion helps people never get bored doing the same thing every day. On the contrary, it makes people feel grateful. At least that’s what Lacey Blair feels like. 

She’s the hot mechanic who appeared on Diesel Brothers. But for people who do not know much about her already, she’s much more than that. 

Learn more about Blair, her background, and most importantly, about her personal life.

Lacey Blair Dating, Boyfriend

Blair is someone who has a lot of traits that millions of people admire. Women envy Blair’s beauty and sex-appeal, and for men, it’s how she knows her way around big guns, aka, big cars.

But unfortunately, for all those men and women as well, Blair is off the market; officially. 

These days, once a couple makes an appearance on social media together, it’s official. 

Well, Blair flaunted her bearded man on her Instagram, and everyone loves him. 

Lacey Blair is currently dating a man named Craig Scanlon, who is also a motor enthusiast.

Lacey Blair and boyfriend Craig Scanlon.
Lacey Blair and boyfriend Craig Scanlon. (

Lacey and Blair began dating each other in late 2019 and have been together ever since.

In a May 2020 post, Blair appreciated all the things that Craig did for her. She said, 

“He puts up with me, makes sure I always have snacks, sands parts for me for hours, helps me fill orders until 2 am... and he’s the last person that has time for any of it. Lol Winner winner chicken dinner.”

Blair ended the post with a ‘Appreciate You” hashtag. 

As mentioned, Lacey and Craig are an official couple.

The reason why Blair and Scanlon work out so well together is that Craig is also heavily into big cars as well. 4wd racing, to be precise. 

He’s the founder of Scanlon Motorsport Group, a professional off-road racing program. He’s very much into vehicles with gigantic suspensions that look like they can climb the most massive of hills. 

Lacey Blair Bio – Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

Professional mechanic and social media star Lacey Blair was born on July 1, 1994, in Potosi, Missouri. 

Her real full name is Lacey Nicole Blair. 

Today, Lacey Blair is 26 years old. 

Blair was born to father Eddie Blair and mother, Tamara Blair. Her parents have divorced as Eddie Blair is currently dating a beautiful woman named Carla Glatczak.

Growing up, Lacey always had exposure to big cars and engines as her father is also an avid car enthusiast.

Celebrating her birthday on every 1st of July, Blair shares the zodiac sign of Cancer.

For the most part of her life, Lacey grew up in Missouri. However, she’s currently located in Utah. 

Lacey Blair Career, Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Lacey was very much into cars and similar stuff. Another thing that Blair just loves is fashion.

Carrying her two absolutely opposite passions, Blair began two separate businesses. One was an automotive shop, and the other was a hair salon.

While her time in Missouri, Blair did well.

However, later on, Blair closed both her businesses, moved to Utah, and began another business.

Today, while working on cars, Blair also became a TV star when she appeared in the Diesel Brothers show.

Since then, Blair has also opened an online shop where she sells her Merchandise. It’s called Lacey Blair. Co.

Moreover, Lacey also earns from her YouTube videos, and social media promotions as well.

From her merch sales, online income, and business, Lacey Blair has a massive net worth of $700,000.