Eligible bachelors are very hard to come by these days. And here’s another eligible tall, dark and handsome man who’s out of the market. Meet Lamar Jackson. 

Currently, Lamar plays Quarterback for Baltimore Ravens. And if anyone asks, Jackson is also dating. 

Learn more about Lamar Jackson’s dating life and girlfriend. 

Who Is Lamar Jackson Girlfriend?

As mentioned, Lamar is already dating, and his girlfriend’s name is Jaime Taylor. 

Jaime and Lamar went to the same school and have known each other for years now. 

Unfortunately, Jackson likes to keep his personal life a sworn secret. 

Only the fact that he’s dating remains public knowledge at the time. 

Fans want to know more about Lamar’s dating life with their girlfriend. But, he’s not obliged to it. 

However, The 23-years-old athlete’s fans might find information on his girlfriend a little interesting. 

Who Is Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend Jaime Taylor?

Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend, Jaime Taylor, is a very beautiful young adult. 

She was born in the late 90s, and her age is under 25 at the moment. 

Jaime Taylor studied at Louisville University, where she also met Jackson, her boyfriend. 

Born in the United States, Jaime is American by ethnicity. 

According to sources, Jaime also comes from an African-American background, just like Lamar.

Lamar Jackson Married, Wife

The Baltimore Ravens graduate Lamar Jackson is not married. 

He’s dating Jaime Taylor since college, and the couple is very private about their personal life as well. 

As of now, if Lamar were to get married, it would be with Jaime. 

But there are no reports about Jackson’s marriage or his girlfriend Jaime turning into a wife anytime soon. 

Lamar Jackson Net Worth

In 2018, Lamar entered his rookie career with a four-year contract worth $9.4 million. 

On top of the contract, Jackson also received a massive signing bonus of nearly $5 million. 

He is putting his total numbers with Baltimore Ravens at around $14.3 million.

Three years into his contract, Lamar still has another year to go with Baltimore Ravens. 

In 2021, Lamar Jackson has a massive net worth of $4 million. 

On top of that, Lamar also has a million-dollar worth of real-estates. 

Most recently, in December 2020, Lamar bought a $1.3 million mansion in Owings Mills, Maryland.