What does it take to be happy? As it so happens, it takes very few things to set up a perfect life. It is having people that you always love around and a very giving career. Lauren Glassberg teaches us that.

But let’s not dwell on assumptions and metaphors because here, Lauren herself gives us all the gist of a perfect life. But there are some secrets that remain unraveled.

What Is Lauren Glassberg Age?

Born on June 2, 1970, as of now, Lauren Glassberg is 49 years old. Lauren was born in New York City, United States of America, and had a very deep attachment to this city.

Lauren shares the zodiac sign of Gemini and has a very eccentric nature.

Who Are Lauren Glassberg’s Parents?

Lauren Glassberg was born to father Kenneth Glassberg of age 76 and mother Michelle Glassberg of age 73. Both of her parents stay away from social media.

However, Lauren attends several high profiles and professionally important events with her parents and loves to spend time with them.

Lauren also posts pictures of her father on her Instagram but that she seldom does.

Does Lauren Have Siblings? Family

Yes, Lauren has two siblings in total. She is the oldest child of her parents, Kenneth and Michelle.

Lauren Glassberg parents
Lauren Glassberg parents at LIVE4LIFE Benefit Gala in 2006. (gettyimages.com)

Lauren has two brothers named Andrew Glassberg of age 45, Lawrence Cooper Glassberg of age 41. Lauren also has a sister-in-law named Mia Olsen who after the marriage took the Glassberg family name.

Lauren Glassberg Personal Life: Husband, Married, Pregnant

If you follow Glassberg on her Instagram, by now, you know that she has a son, a handsome young man who is remarkable in every single way.

Lauren welcomed her son on November 16, 2013, and named him Beau Hudson. However, one thing that Lauren failed to do is introduce her fans to the father of her son.

As of now, there are no talks about Lauren’s marriage. On a more serious note, Lauren keeps her entire personal life a very private matter.

Lauren Glassberg with son Beau Hudson
Lauren Glassberg with son Beau Hudson. (Instagram.com)

She keeps the love of her life, her son, very close to her. However, never till this date has Lauren talked anything about Beau’s father.

Many people mention Lauren and her husband in their tweets, but Lauren never replies to these kind of mysteries; keeping the shade that hides any of her personal life facts.

Did she use a surrogate to have a baby or ended any relation, married or dating with the baby daddy? Until the day Lauren clarifies anything, her fans have no choice but to dwell in the rumors that surface on social media.

Where Did Lauren Glassberg Get Her education?

As a young child, Lauren went the Spence School located in 22 East 91st Street in New York City.

After graduating from high school, Lauren went to study at the Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

From there, Lauren received her bachelor’s degree.


Before entering the mainstream journalism, Lauren started reporting for general stations around the state. During the initial phase of her journalism career, Lauren stayed in different cities like Minneapolis, Akron, and Little Rock.

As a teenager, Lauren used to report for Main Street Wire, and also for Roosevelt Island newspaper.

In 2000, Lauren joined the WABC-TV, and since then, she has remained with the network as a reporter and anchor.

Lauren Glassberg Salary and Net Worth

 Lauren has worked with WABC for nearly two decades now, and by judging by her employment length, we suspect that the network is paying Lauren a generous compensation.

As of now, Lauren earns a massive six-figures annually and likes to keep her salary and net worth a secret.