Lea Gabrielle is what defines a spectacularly robust woman. It isn’t just because she is a prominent figure in the media, but because of the past she holds and the skills sets she possesses at hands all time.

Degrees, pilot license, and journalism prowess – she has it all. But what about her personal life? People do not exactly know who her husband is or boyfriend in that matter. However, all of that shall come to an end.

Keep reading for all the tea on Lea Gabrielle.

Lea Gabrielle Personal Life, Husband, Married

While her accomplishments are very daunting for an average person, it takes a strong man to bag this hot of a mess. Is she married? A man with such courage exists? Well, it does.

Lea Gabrielle is married, and the man she titled her husband is Greg Sutton. The exact date of the couple’s wedding is, however, a mystery. But, according to tabloids, the couple married back in 2004.

Before that, the couple reportedly dated each other, spent their times as boyfriend and girlfriend. When talking about Sutton, he also has a career in the military.

Despite sharing similar career lines, the couple reportedly grew sour and have divorced without any formal split date.

Has she married again?

Well, multiple tabloids suggest, based on a tweet from '7bis,' a Twitter account that posted a picture of a female ear sporting a cactus-shaped earing that she is, in fact, dating.

However, since the face isn’t clear and the Twitter handle mentioned doesn’t match that of Lea's authentic account. Things remain unclear.

But one thing's clear about Lea's personal life. She is not married. She is dating someone at the moment.

Lea Gabrielle New Boyfriend

That's right. Lea is publically dating a very handsome man these days and she calls him a hero. 

Now, this man that Lea is dating at the moment isn't just a hero for the sake of romance or a display of the reporter's affection. He actually is a hero.

Lea Gabrielle is currently dating a man named Joe Soniak.

Lea Gabrielle with her boyfriend Joe Soniak, a firefighter.
Lea Gabrielle with her boyfriend Joe Soniak, a firefighter. (instagram.com)

Soniak is a firefighter and actively does his duty to save people's lives. A hero indeed.

While Gabrielle does not have any children of her own; she never welcomed a child with her ex-husband as well, Soniak has three kids.

Joe's oldest daughter recently graduated from college. He also has two little boys as well.

Lea Gabrielle In-Charge To Leads Counter-Propaganda

On February 7, Thursday, the State Department announced that Lea Gabrielle would become the special envoy to the U.S State Department and look after the Global Engagement Center.

For someone, who has spent over a decade in the army forced, it sure sounds like a very wise decision.

Lea Gabrielle Bio (Age, Ethnicity, Measurement)

Lea Gabrielle was born on March 19, 1975, in Virginia and is currently at age 46. Lea attended Mount Vernon High School and later enrolled at the United States Naval Academy.

Along the way, she has trained at FTC – 17, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), New York Film Academy and got out as a certified candidate.

She also joined United States Navy Flight School and became a Navy pilot (Instrument rated commercial pilot) and has a bachelor’s degree of Science (B.S) Mechanical Engineering.

For the better part of 12 years, she served as an officer in the US Navy. A year later, she joined NBC News as a digital journalist and later moved to the San Diego network to become a Television news reporter.

In late 2013, Lea joined fox news as a Television News Correspondent. As of now, she is appointed as Special Envoy to the U.S State Department.