If the universe has a plan for someone, it happens one way or the other, and there is no denying that. A simple yet profound example is Lisa Breckenridge, the CBS 2 reporter.

Lisa found the love of her life in slippers while she was reporting. However, life is a bed of roses and no pleasure cruise. But still, Lisa finds her way back to happiness.

How she does that? Let’s find out together. Here is everything about Lisa Breckenridge. From marriage, husband to earnings.

Lisa Breckenridge Personal Life

As uncanny as it may sound, but Lisa found the love of her life in admits of a terrible situation.

There she was, Lisa reporting a fatal car crash in Malibu. While reporting, Lisa happened to stand in front of a house.

The house belonged to Andy Cohen. Not the Cohen who appears on the TV but the one who professionally introduces himself as a talent agent.

As beautiful as Lisa is, Andy attracted towards her and recognized for who Lisa was; a popular reporter for Fox 11 during that time. Andy went up and broke up a conversation, but it was ill timing.

Later Andy asked one of his friend who was also a mutual with Lisa to set up a meet. It happened, and since then, nothing has changed. The couple met at Josie’s located in Santa Monica, and that is also the very place where Andy asked Lisa to become his wife on New Years’ Eve in 2002.

Wedding, Married

Undoubtedly, Lisa said yes, and there went Andy and Lisa to plan for their wedding. Lisa and Andy consented upon Taverna Tony, a restaurant in Malibu as their venue. Soon to become Cohen couple exchanged their vows I front of 200 of their closest friends.

Lisa chose the vendors and left them with all the key preparations and responsibilities for the wedding, and as per her, her decision couldn’t have been more right.

Lisa and Andy married in front of 200 of their closest family and friends in a 2003 Malibu wedding.  Two years later, Lisa and Andy became new parents.

Lisa Breckenridge, ex-husband Andy Cohen and two children
Lisa Breckenridge, ex-husband Andy Cohen and two children. (Instagram.com)

In March of 2003, Lisa and Andy welcomed twin children to their lives; one son and one daughter. They named their son Benjamin and daughter Elise.


Lisa and Andy spent majority of their lives as one of the happiest couples and combined that with their two children, and it resembled haven.

However, after more than one and a half decade long marriage, their relationship came to a halt, and in 2018, Lisa revealed the couple’s decision to separate and divorce.

While Lisa released the public statement in October, the separation took place six months prior, and Lisa also revealed about having panic attacks and stress.

Regardless of the divorce, Lisa and Andy are very determined to stay best of friends and look after their children fully.

At the moment former couple Lisa and Andy have a very prolific relationship and look after their children with full commitment.

Lisa Breckenridge Plastic Surgery?

Many people look at the younger-looking persona of Lisa and think that it is not natural at all. Some even quickly assume that Lisa approached the aid of plastic surgery to look younger.

However, there are no concrete evidence to back up such a claim, and by the looks of Lisa’s lifestyle, she is all about healthy living.

So, naturally, we can assume that a super healthy lifestyle is what gave Lisa her majestic look even at the age of 52.

Lisa Breckenridge Early Life, Bio

The American TV personality and reporter Lisa Breckenridge was born on May 27, 1965, in Lodi, California. Lisa is currently 54 years old.

Lisa attended the Pacific Union College located in 1987 after which she enrolled at the Stanford University where she studied journalism.

Lisa started her career from KYMA network in Arizona, and from there she has worked in other networks such as KOLO-TV, KCRA.

After some years, Lisa managed to grab the job post of a reporter at KTTV. After spending 17 years with the network, Lisa went on to join the CBS network on June 2017.

After working for this many years, Lisa has managed to gather a massive fortune for herself. As of now, Lisa possesses a massive but secretly kept fortune, which reportedly crosses the threshold of millions.