Geordie Shore is one of the most famous show, a spin-off of the original one that took flight in the States years ago called Jersey Shore.

But the drama is still the same or even more. One particular person who’s causing the tides to go crazy is Sam Gowland, the young and sexy house member.

His personal life is as rocky as it can be, but the fun part is, viewers like it all. Here is everything there is to know about Sam Gowland.

Sam Gowland Biography, Age

Sam Gowland was born on August 2, 1995, in England. At the moment, Sam is 23 years old, and his zodiac sign is Leo.

Sam comes from a town called Middlesbrough, and before becoming famous as a reality TV star, Sam worked as an Oil Rigger.

Fame found him when Sam joined the cast of Love Island Season 3. Apart from that, Sam is also famous as the ongoing cast member of Geordie Shore Season 19.

Gowland also has a cousin named Jonathan Grounds, who is a professional football player for Birmingham City. On top of that, Sam is very good at playing football himself. He once said that if he didn’t break his jaw at three places, he’d have continued and gone pro with football.

Sam Gowland In Love Island

Gowland joined the Love Island cast in its third season, and this is also where his journey as a TV star started.

First and foremost, Sam made very strong connections with Camilla. However, he later slid towards another member of the villa named Olivia.

After some romantic filling and building up a connection with Olivia, Sam again leaned towards another villa member.

Sam exited from the villa in day 23 already coupling with Montana and Chloe. However, because of high public demand, Gowland made his way back to the villa on Day 39.

Sam finished third in the season with Georgia Harrison.

Sam Gowland In Geordie Shore

Gowland initially joined the Geordie Shore show in its 16 series installment. Although he exited from Love Island with Georgia Harrison, the couple split after sometime and Sam found love with Chloe Ferry.

A love that is extremely volatile yet cute.

His relationship with Chloe Ferry is very rocky, and that led to a lot of scandals over time. In June 2019, MTV let go of Sam after he and Chloe had a huge fight.

But as per Sam, he only left the show temporarily and on his accords although tabloids claim the show fired him because of his behavior around.

  Sam did come back in the show, but his reaction and behavior towards other house members again got him suspended from the show. This time, his beau Chloe Ferry also joined him and quit Geordie Shore to be with Sam.

This put everyone in confusion since only about a month ago, Chloe told MTV bosses that she does not want Sam in the show.

Love really does seem unpredictable.

Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry
Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry. (

The couple seems very much in love despite all the on and off scenario. As far as we are concerned, Sam should keep up with Chloe.

He has her face tattooed on his leg and boy will that be a mess to rub off if things go sideways for good.

Net Worth

The Geordie Shore star who stands at a tall height of 5 ft 8 inches flashes off his riches on Instagram – in ever so subtle ways.

He poses at fancy places, besides choppers near helipads, opening the doors of his fancy Range Rover.

We have to say; Geordie Shore has this man all stacked up. However, Sam keeps his exact net worth a secret. Tabloids assume the numbers scale up to seven figures though.