She walks like she owns the place and tells everyone if they should or should not take an umbrella with them.

We have one of the most sought-after and beautiful meteorologists of the century. Her name is Maria LaRose.

There are plenty of people around the globe who want to know more about here, and this is the perfect place to start. If you think you know it all, do you know that Maria changed her name?

If you don’t read along and you will find out.

Maria LaRose Personal Life: Husband, Married Life

LaRose is undoubtedly one of the most desired women who appeared in in TV as a journalist. However, there is only one man who claims love to her.

His name is Mariusz Kolakowski, and he stole Maria’s heart and swept her off her feet.

The love story of Maria and Mariusz goes back a very long time as Maria and Mariusz met for the first time on one August night in 1997.

At that time, the couple did not have the faintest idea about their long journey together.

After years of dating, Maria and Mariusz, then-boyfriend, finally married in a very intimate wedding ceremony.

In a very traditional white wedding gown, Maria stole the limelight of the wedding.

Maria LaRose and husband Mariusz on wedding day.
Maria LaRose and husband Mariusz on wedding day. (

As of now, the couple remains very happily married while occasionally reminiscing their old days. Maria also uses her husband's last name currently. Bet you did not know that.

Who Is Husband Mariusz Kolakowski?

Mariusz Kolakowski is a very peculiar man as he does not often share his wife’s limelight. On the contrary, Mariusz remains fairly away from any attention.

Kolakowski is a New Jersey native who hails from Maywood. Mariusz studied Bachelor of Science at the Penn State University and graduated in 1998.

At the moment, Mariusz serves as a Partner at Catalyst Commissioning Group, LLC, and he’s been with the LLC company for over five years now.

Maria and Mariusz Family

Maria and Mariusz took their time before starting a family because there are a lot of things that a couple has to contemplate before stepping on with parental responsibilities.

In 2005, Maria and Mariusz welcomed their first child, a baby boy, and they named him Michael. About two years later, Maria became pregnant with their second baby.

Maria and husband welcomed second baby, another baby boy in 2008, and named him Justin. A year later, Maria again became pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Maria and husband Mariusz welcomed third child Tyler, another baby boy in 2010.

Maria LaRose's three sons
Maria LaRose's three sons. (

Altogether, Maria and Mariusz are parents to three handsome guys.

Maria LaRose: The Weather Channel

LaRose began her career in journalism with KYW-TV, a Philadelphia based network and after working there for some time, LaRose joined the WXIX-TV.

In 2010, Maria joined The Weather Channel and started serving as a meteorologist. As of now, with an extensive career behind her and massive opportunities in front, Maria earns a salary that ranks well above $100 thousand annually.

Unfortunately, Maria keeps her net worth a secret as she does not like announcing her riches.

The measurements of her success remain fathomable still because Maria has a long way to go if she remains with the network. However, when opportunity knocks, one must always answer.

Maria LaRose Bio, Age

American meteorologist Maria LaRose was born on November 7, 1976, in New York. As of now, Maria is 42 years old and maintains her extravagant measurements by healthy eating and exercises.

Maria has three children and currently lives in Atlanta.