When we think of anyone from ‘Married to Medicine’ first things that come in mind are that these people are too busy with work to get married actually. Not true for the amazing Mariah Huq.

Yes, it is her that we discuss today. She has appeared in ‘Married to Medicine’ for quite a while now and honestly, nobody can get enough of her.

Here is everything you need to know about Mariah.

P.S. – There are a lot of secret revealed.

Mariah Huq Early Life – Bio, Age, Birthday

American television personality Mariah Huq is an amazing personality, and there is no doubt in that. If you do, just watch the show and come back.

Mariah Huq was born on October 22, 1978, in  Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mariah celebrates her birthday on 22nd of every October, and her age is currently 41.

Seriously. Does Mariah look like 41 years old to you?

Mariah was born to her father Richard “Bug” Patrick who sadly passed away in December 2015. Mariah has a step-sister from her father’s another relationship.

Also, Mariah keeps her actual name a sworn secret. Mariah is actually her middle name that came from her maternal grandmother, and Huq is her husband’s last name.

As of now, her real name remains a massive secret.

Mariah Huq Personal Life – Husband

Huq herself is not a doctor, and that did not get her on the show. In fact, her husband is the one who is into the medical field.

Mariah Huq married her husband Aydin Huq on March 18, 2005, in an intimate wedding ceremony. To talk more about her husband Aydin Huq, he is a Bangladesh born Family practice physician based in Georgia.

Aydin was born on October 19, 1975, in Bangladesh. Aydin is currently 44 years old.

So, there you go. It is Aydin who is a doctor and plays with medicine actually.

Mariah and Aydin married in less than a year after they welcomed their first baby together, a daughter they named Lauren-Taylor.

Lauren Taylor was born on October 5, 2004. In 2006, Mariah and Aydin welcomed their second baby together, a boy this time and they named him Ethan Tyler.

Mariah Huq, husband Aydin Huq and two children
Mariah Huq, husband Aydin Huq and two children. (Instagram.com)

Ethan Tyler was born on October 6, 2006. It looks like the whole family is the October squad. All of them also share the same zodiac sign – Libra.

The whole family of four lives very happily. Mariah and Aydin have decided not to get pregnant again and have any more children.

Mariah also revealed that she and husband Aydin had worked very hard to sustain their marriage amid their demanding job and career line.

Mariah Huq Net Worth

From a young age, Mariah has indulged herself in the TV industry. She has hosted shows, acted as a news producer at a news station and many more.

She currently acts as the executive producer of ‘Married to Medicine’ and earns a fair salary. As of now, according to tabloids, Mariah has a massive net worth of $4 million.