Much has changed in journalism from the past few years but not the smile that Marla Tellez gives out. As it happens, we’ve successfully pinpointed the source of Marla’s elegant smile.

It comes from a spectacular man, and the story that they both share is as amazing as it can get. Let us drown you into the love life of Marla Tellez, the Fox reporter who secretly rules the world. Sorry Queen Bee.

Marla Tellez Personal Life

Now, you already have a hint of what is coming. For all the men, hold on to your heart, and you might also want to sit down for this fact may stagger you.

This absolute beauty from Fox Network is married, and her life is as happy as it gets. Told you that you might want to sit down for this one.

 Marla met the love of her life through a dating app. Yes, it’s true.

Back in the mid-2010s Marla, upon the persuasion of her friends, made an online profile on a dating app and began swiping here and there until she stumbled upon a man named Jon Colletti.

Both Marla and Jon lived in the same neighborhood in Brentwood, just a few blocks apart, and this also served as a conversation starter for both.

The first date called for a second one, and from there, it all began. Little did both knew that their second date would ignite an ever-growing love.

Jon and Marla went to a concert in Santa Monica Pier, and there they had their first kiss. So romantic.


The place that marked Marla and Jon’s first kiss also holds another special memory for both. After a year of dating, Jon and Marla went to the Santa Monica Pier once again.

This time, however, Jon went down on one knee, and there he proposed Marla. The sand slowly cuddled with the wind while Marla clutched her hand to her mouth, an unsuccessful attempt to suppressing her excitement.

Marla Tellez engagement. Jon proposing
Marla Tellez engagement. Jon proposing. (

Jon proposed to Marla on Wednesday, March 29.

The Wedding: Married To Joe

The wedding took place shortly after the very reminiscing engagement session. Right after Marla said yes to marry her longtime boyfriend Jon, she started shopping spree for her wedding dress.

As both belonged to the same place, the choice of wedding venue was, of course, the Bay Area. Marla and Jon booked the Palace Hotel as their wedding venue.

Marla Tellez and Jon Colletti on their wedding day
Marla Tellez and Jon Colletti on their wedding day. (peternguyen)

At this special place, the long-time couple exchanged their vows in front of very close family and friends.

Marla Tellez married Jon Colletti on September 9, 2017.


As far as family goes, Marla and Jon are taking their time to start. However, as a woman, the clock is ticking against Marla as she is closing in on the stopper.

But, Marla has it all covered. The Fox network personality has her eggs frozen and preserved just in case she wants to start a family later on.

Doing so gives The Sonoma State University graduate a chance to try and have children no matter the age.

Marla Tellez Early Life: Bio, Age, Net Worth

Fox Network personality Marla Tellez was born on April 16, 1976, in San Francisco, California and at the moment, Marla is 43 years old.

While some claim that Marla approached plastic surgery for her ever glowing looks, some believe that it is a healthy lifestyle that makes her look younger as the year's pass.

Marla went to the Sonoma State University where she studied Political science and received her Cum Laude from.

California born Tellez first started her career with CBS 5 KPIX as an Associate Producer back in 2000. From there, Marla worked for KION TV, CBS 5 KPIX again, KOB-TV, NBC Bay Area, and finally, moved to Fox 11 Los Angeles in 2014.

As of now, Marla enjoys a considerable amount of net worth and lives a very comfortable lifestyle with her husband, Jon Colletti.