Another season of Bachelor has started, and this time, it’s a lot different than the previous season. This season, ABC appointed Matt James as their eligible bachelor.

Here’s everything that makes this season of Bachelor w/ Matt so unique. 

Everything about James – from age and parents details to job and net worth

Who Is Matt James? Wiki, Age, Early Bio

Matt James, the bachelor for Season 25 of ABC’s The Bachelor, was born on December 5, 1991.

Matt was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and he’s 29 years old.

Born in the United States of America, Matt James is American by nationality.

However, because of his parentage, Matt shares a mixed-background of African and American ethnicity.

Matt James Parents – Mother & Father

The first African-American bachelor on ABC was born to parents who come from a different ethnic background. 

James was born to Manny James and Patty Cuculo James. 

Matt James with his mother Patty James
Matt James with his mother Patty James. (

Patty James belongs to white ethnicity, while Manny James comes from black ethnicity.

When James was very young, his father, Manny James, walked out on him and his mother, Patty.

Since his father did not return, Matt grew up with his mother. 

Patty, as a single mother, took care of Matt and introduced him to Christianity. 

In several instances, Matt expresses how becoming a Christian was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Matt never revealed if his father ever came into his life again.

Matt James School, Wake Forest University

Growing up in North Carolina, James enrolled in Sanderson High School in his hometown Raleigh. 

James played football in high school, which earned him popularity among his fellow students.

He graduated from Sanderson High School in 2010 and decided to pursue further education. 

Because of his athletic background in football, James received scholarship offers from Syracuse and the University of Kentucky, both top-tier universities.

However, James decided to join Wake Forest University because it was love at first sight for him.

In an interview, James talked about how joining the Wake Forest thing was the second-best thing that happened to him since becoming a Christian. 

In 2015, Matt graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Economics. 

Matt James In NFL

While in high school, Matt played football, and he was pretty good at it as well. 

Because of his stats, Multiple top-tier universities also offered scholarships as well. 

However, because of personal preference, Matt joined Wake Forest University. 

James continued with his football career and eventually wanted to get into the NFL. 

In 2015, James tried to get into Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately, he did not make it into the drafts.

Again, James tried to get into NFL’s New Orleans Saints. Bad luck again.

Matt James Job, Career, Net Worth

Although Matt pursued a career in the NFL for a long time, he had his doubts in the back of his head.

That’s why Matt began a career in finances early on. 

His first job was as a Broker Assistant at Davenport & Company. 

Today, James works as a research and associate at CBRE real estate agency. 

Apart from working in real estate, Matt also owns a small cafe called Pause Café in New York. 

Matt also believes in giving back, and for that, he has set up an organization called ABC Food Tours with his friend Tyler Cameron. 

ABC Food Tours takes children from not-so-great backgrounds on tour around different places, providing them with knowledge and, of course, feeding them great food. 

Today, Matt James has a net worth well over $500,000.