Maureen Maher is not a new name to all the viewers of the CBS program 48 Hours, but what we are going to reveal today might be a new thing that’ll you’ll know about her. Have you ever wondered about Maureen’s life behind the cameras; her age and how she balances her professional and personal life?

Similarly are you curious to know about her possible married life with her husband or the number of kids she has? If so, you have landed on the right place! Here, we’ll provide everything that you are curious to know about her.

Maureen Maher’s Bio, Age, And Adoption

The CBS reporter Maureen Maher was born in 1966 in Detroit, Michigan to high school seniors who eventually gave her up for adoption after being unable to look after her. Currently, she is at the age of 52.

While growing up, Maureen was always curious about her birth parents. And by the age of 16, she already had started collecting the information about them. Now, Maureen has already met her biological parents and says that she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards them as she understands that her mother loved her enough to give her up.

Talking about Maureen’s education, she graduated from Loyola University in the year 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.

Active as a CBS correspondent since 1997, Maureen has already been successful in marking a prolific professional career. The former anchor of WJBK-TV and WJRT-TV, Maureen garnered fame as the host of the CBS program 48 Hours. With more than two decades of experience as a host, news anchor, and correspondent, Maureen has assembled a huge amount of net worth whose exact figures is hard to reckon.

Married Life Revealed! Husband And Children

The married life of the American journalist, Maureen, is always a great matter of interest to all the viewers of CBS. Well, if you have been following her on social media, then you might have known that she is blissfully married to her husband. But if you don’t, let us spill the beans regarding her married life.

Maureen cherishes her married life with her husband in Chicago, Illinois. The pair got married in 2006 and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in March 2016. The pair met at a Don Henley concert and eventually fell in love.

Although she is skeptical when it comes to divulging the information regarding her husband, she mentions about him on her Twitter, time and again, whether it be by giving a picture credit to her husband or by talking about her ongoing closet space battle with him.

In the voyage to enthralling married life, the couple reportedly welcomed two children. Though the identity of Maureen’s husband remains a mystery till this date, there is no doubt that she is relishing a happy family life, balancing professional and personal life.