The NFL star and real life inspiration of a critically acclaimed movie called “The Blind Side.” Yes, the talk today is about the famous and of course, one and only Michael Oher.

In 2009, when the movie hit the screens, people grew more interested in the tackler’s personal life and the details provided by the movie are exclusive. However, there is more to his personal life. Who is his wife? Does he have kids? All shall be answered right here. Just keep on reading.

Michael Oher Family (mother, father, siblings)

Before jumping right into what he has to offer when it comes to his personal life, let’s first have some glimpses on where he come from. Born on May 28, 1986, Michael who currently is of age 30, spent a fair chunk of his life as a homeless kid.

Raised by a mother who had drug abuse issues and in the absence of a father who frequently was in prison, Michael and his 12 siblings spent a fair chunk of their childhood moving from one place to another until one day.

In 2004, Michael was salvaged from the dire situation when a wealthy Tuhoy family who owned a fast food food franchise took him in and legally adopting him in later. The adoption gave him a chance, introduced him to football which eventually became his career. Now that you’re all caught up with Michael’s childhood and his family, let’s get back to his current personal life status.

Who Is Michael Oher Wife, Is He Married?

While Michael’s family affairs and issue is on the screens forever, his current personal life is what people want to learn about. For years, even his hardcore fans have had trouble finding who he is girlfriend is or even wife. But, all the questions comes to end today.

Michael Oher is actually married, and has a wife. It all came to flash when a drunken scandal news flash. It happened when Michael allegedly attacked an uber driver while drunk in a directional dispute that came forth when Michael demanded the driver to follow another car in which his wife was.

Unfortunately, the scandal has not revealed any wife pictures as of now. However, it did reveal that he is a married man and has a wife.

Michael who played for Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, played for Carolina Panthers until recently being released after he failed physical in July, 2017.