The NFL star and real-life inspiration of a critically acclaimed movie called “The Blind Side.” Yes, the talk today is about the famous and, of course, one and only Michael Oher.

In 2009, when the movie hit the screens, people grew more interested in the tackler’s personal life, and the details provided by the movie are exclusive.

However, there is more to his personal life. Who is his wife? Does he have kids? All shall be answered right here. Just keep on reading.

Michael Oher Family, Mother, Father, Siblings

Before jumping right into what he has to offer when it comes to his personal life, let’s first have some glimpses of where he comes from.

Born on May 28, 1986, Michael, who is currently age 35, spent a fair chunk of his life as a homeless kid.

They were raised by a mother who had drug abuse issues, and in the absence of a father who frequently was in prison, Michael and his 12 siblings spent a fair chunk of their childhood moving from one place to another.

However, for Michael, it changed one day.

In 2004, Michael was salvaged from the dire situation when a wealthy Tuohy family who owned a fast-food franchise took him in and legally adopting him later.

The adoption gave him a new chance at life, introduced him to football, which eventually became his career.

Now that you’re all caught up with Michael’s childhood and also about Oher's original and later adoptive family, let’s get back to his current personal life status.

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Who Is Michael Oher's Wife? Is He Married?

While Michael’s family affairs and the issue are on the screens forever, his current personal life is what people want to learn about.

For years, even his most hardcore fans have had trouble finding who he is, his girlfriend is, or even his wife. But, all these questions come to an end today.

Michael Oher is married and has a wife. It all came to flash when a drunken scandal came to flash.

It happened when Michael allegedly attacked an Uber driver while he was drunk. 

According to the Uber driver, Oher told him to follow a car in which his wife was. However, the driver spotted that Oher was drunk and suggested that he did not know what he was saying. 

Reportedly, Oher began attacking the driver. Oher stated that the driver was taking a longer route to get more money off of Oher, to which an argument broke.

The driver, whose name is Girma Berkessa, called 911 frantically, saying that he was being attacked. He later filed a lawsuit against Oher, claiming $500,000.

Unfortunately, the scandal has not revealed any wife pictures as of now. However, it did reveal that he is a married man and has a wife.

Michael, who played for Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, played for Carolina Panthers until recently being released after he failed physical in July 2017.

Is Tabitha Soren Her Name?

Fans recently got wind of a rumour that claimed Oher's wife is Tabitha Soren, a photographer. However, there's a caveat.

Tabitha Soren is a married woman, and her husband's name is Michael Lewis, not Michael Oher. 

Tabitha Soren is the wife of a famous financial journalist and author Michael Lewis who wrote Oher's real-life story, "The Blind Side."

Since Oher and Tabitha's husband share the same last name, people seem to have gotten confused.

The fact that both are associated with The Blind Side, one Michael is the main character, while the other who published it in a book only added to the confusion.

In conclusion, Michael Oher's wife is not Tabitha Soren. 

However, this whole scene does not change the fact that Oher's real wife's identity still remains a mystery.

Oher's Real Wife

Michael Oher is married to Tiffany Michelle Roy. Most of his fans seem to think that Oher is married to Tabitha Soren. However, that's a big misunderstanding. 

Oher is married to Tiffany Roy, age 39, and the couple have been married for quite some time now.

Tiffany's Display Picture is with Michael, both clad in very classy outfits. In her bio, she's also promoting

Michael Oher and wife Tiffany Roy
Michael Oher and wife Tiffany Roy. (

It also looks like Oher and Tiffany have a son together. However, that's just speculation, based on a picture Sean Touhy Jr. posted on his Instagram.

Michael Oher with Touhy family and his wife Tiffany Roy.
Michael Oher with Touhy family and his wife Tiffany Roy [far-left]. (

Oher is also holding a child in the picture. However, it's unsure if the baby boy is Michael and Tiffany's child.

Michael and his wife Tiffany also run a non-profit organization called Beat the Odds Inc.

The couple named their non-profit organization after Michael's book called "I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side, and Beyond."

The major goal of Oher and Roy's organization is to provide empowering opportunities to people who are at a disadvantage and need.

Michael Oher Career, NFL, Football

Michael Oher enjoyed a very successful career in the NFL. After the Tuohy family adopted him and put Oher in school, he grew passionate about football.

One this led to the other, and Oher began working extremely hard to get into the NFL. 

Michael played for the University of Mississippi and later got his NFL break in 2009.

On July 30, 2009, Oher signed a massive $13.8 million contract with Baltimore Ravens as the right tackle.

After his five-year contract with Baltimore Ravens expired, Oher joined Tennessee Titans in a four year $20 million worth contract. 

While with Tennessee Titans, Michael missed a couple of games because of injuries, which also dramatically affected his stats as well.

In February of 2015, Tennessee Titans let go of Oher. 

In 2015, after the Titans, Oher joined Carolina Panthers in a two-year contract worth $7 million. 

After playing in Superbowl, Carolina Panthers extended Oher's contract with three years worth over $21 million, of which $9.5 million was guaranteed.

However, Oher did not play many games during 2016 because of injuries. 

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Where Is Michael Oher Now?

Oher's injuries became so severe that they did not even let him pass the physical. When Oher failed the physical, Carolina Panthers let go of him.

At the moment, Michael is not associated with any team whatsoever. 

The last time we saw Oher was when he came to see the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens game with Nick Mangold.