Michelle Charlesworth makes it all look so easy on the screen. A lot of reporting and smiles. Surprisingly, her life behind the camera is also very similar.

Michelle has a lovely family with a loving husband and children. But all of that came with much hardship. She once felt fear for her appearance so bad that she sat crying.

Here is everything that you may want to know about Michelle, the beautiful and undeniably hot ABC 7 reporter.

Michelle Charlesworth Personal Life: Married, Husband

We briefly mentioned that Michelle has a wonderful husband and a family that goes with it as well. Regardless that it causes dismay to a lot of men out there, her fans will be glad to know how prosperous her personal life is.

Michelle is married, and her husband’s name is Steve Livingstone. Michelle and Steve met for the first time in the year 2000, as both of them work for the same network.

After workplace acquaintance, their friendship started to grow outside of work, and soon, both began dating each other. But it too Michelle and Steve both some time to realize that.

After dating for about three years, there came the big part. Steve proposed to Michelle, and both got engaged.

On September 13, 2003, Michelle and Steve married each other in an intimate beachside wedding ceremony in Jersey Shore. Fun fact, Michelle, Steve, and all the wedding attendees witnessed a hurricane that breezed their wedding that day.

However, the hurricane, which was named Isabelle, did affect the wedding much to ruin it.

Michelle Charlesworth Husband Steve Livingstone

Talking more about husband Steve Livingstone who is of age 54 at the moment is a very wonderful guy. Steve hailed down from Ocean, New Jersey and went to Ithaca College from where he graduated in 1987.

Steve started his career in journalism back in 1989 as an associate producer for CNBC and moved on from there to join King World Production.

At King World Production, which Steve joined in 1994, he served in the Field Producer Investigative Unit. Steve worked there for another four years before joining ABC News as a producer.

Livingstone left ABC network after two years and joined WABC-TV in 1999 as a 7 On Your Side Producer. Since then, for two decades now, Steve remains with WABC-TV.

Michelle and Steve Pregnant & Family

After getting married in 2003, Steve and Michelle took some time to plan and have children. However, their wait was not a long one. In 2006, Michelle became pregnant with their first child.

On October 16, 2006, the power couple welcomed their child together, a daughter and named her Isabelle, the hurricane Steve and Michelle witnessed on their wedding day.

After again, about another three years, Michelle became pregnant again and welcomed a baby boy on September 29, 2009. They named him Jack James.

Michelle Charlesworth, husband and Children
Michelle Charlesworth, husband and Children. (Instagram.com)

The whole family lives a very happy life together and remain in Maplewood in their home.

Michelle Charlesworth Cancer Disease

While it all looks like rainbow and sunshine for Michelle, she has her share of horror from her past. Back in the early 2000s, Michelle diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.

The diagnosis came while she was visiting a dermatologist not as a patient but as a reporter on an assignment. After the doctor suggested to run some tests, the results showed that she had skin cancer.

Frightened, Michelle underwent an eight-hour-long surgery which was initially meant to last only a couple of hours and left the hospital with 27 stitches on her face.

While at home, Michelle broke down at the sight of her distorted features and sat in a bathtub crying. She literally thought she looked like a monster.

However, her then-boyfriend and present husband Steve Livingstone came over, sat in the bathtub with his clothes on and comforted Michelle.

This, Michelle stated, was the moment when she knew Steve was a keeper. Charlesworth recovered from her surgery within three weeks and resumed her position at WABC.

Michelle Charlesworth Bio, Age, Parents, College

Amazing WABC reporter Michelle Charlesworth was born on June 7, 1970, in New York City, New York. Charlesworth is currently 49 years old.

She was born as Rachel Michelle Charlesworth to father James Charlesworth and mother Jerrie Charlesworth. Michelle also has two siblings; Sister Eve Charlesworth and brother James Charlesworth.

Michelle went to Duke University from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics.

Prior to joining WABC, Michelle worked with NBC 17. As of now, it has already been over two decades that Michelle has been with WABC as a reporter.

While she keeps her financials a secret, according to sources, she earns a massive salary of $400 thousand annually.

With that, we safely assume that her net worth remains in six-figure range.