Jessica White, the supermodel who reigns over the heart of many men and in this case, women as well. However, she has her fair (no pun intended) share of ordeals.

Molested as a teenager, overdosed on cocaine to cope loneliness and multiple heartbreaks; White has it all, but still, she stands tall amidst the smoke.

Here we talk about the life of Jessica White and how she rose to become an idol for women all over the world.

Jessica White Bio

American model Jessica White was born on June 21, 1984, in Buffalo, New York and she is currently 34 years old. Know who else is from Buffalo? Jason Tartick.

White’s modeling journey began at a very young age of 12 when she got selected during scouting. Following her selection, White went to join the Personal Best Modeling School at sixteen. However, she officially started modeling from the age of 13.

Her first job was as an editorial for Vogue, and since then, White has never looked back. White is also famous for appearing on Jay-Z's ‘Change Clothes’ music video.

Adversity At Young

Behind this strong looking supermodel lingers a dark past. While starting as a model at the age of 13, she faced success and along with that other adversity.

At just the age of 14, a family member molested her. White has not revealed who that person is and said that she did not confide the incident to anyone at that time. White stated that she struggled hurt in secrecy.

But, instead of lingering to that moment, White embraced modeling and considered it her savior. Trips to New York, Paris helped her keep sanity and avoid the abusive environment.

White moved out of her parents’ house at 17, and while her career was thriving, she started feeling emptiness and struggled with loneliness which resulted in pain.

To cope with all the overwhelming emotional rollercoaster, she tried intoxication, and her drug was cocaine, but subsequently, White ended up overdosing.

Fortunately, she survived the overdose and said that at that moment, she almost lost everything; saw the evil and decided to live a better life. She took this new opportunity to mend the relationship with her mother who she now refers as her best friend.

Relationship, Boyfriend, Dating

As an undeniably hot model, White can get almost any man she desires, and she has as well. At a pretty young age, Jessica and Sean Penn started dating eachother. 

She later revealed after the couple split that she would always love Penn for he is one of her great loves. Back in 2006, Jessica was dating Kerry Rhodes, an American actor. Their relationship did not last long.

Jessica White and Kerry Rhodes
Jessica White and ex-boyfriend Kerry Rhodes. (

After that, White encountered Taylor Kitsch, another actor who appeared on Battleship. She dated the actor for around a year before parting. After the relationship with Taylor ended, Jessica went on to date Sean Penn from 2009 to 2010.

In 2015, Jessica made the headlines as she was dating rapper, singer, actor, and TV host Nick Cannon. Her romance with boyfriend Nick became highly public but the relationship short-lived.

Jessica White and Nick Cannon
Jessica White and ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon. (

In 2016, the two again made headlines but this time for an entirely different reason. Nick released a song where he talked about having sex with a girl named Jessica, and everybody knew who exactly that Jessica was.

White made an emotional post on her Instagram revealed how hurt she was and sort of felt cheated by Nick’s act, but she did not mention him by name.

Where Is She Now?

Most recently, Jessica appeared on the famous TV show called Famously Single. Although White walked out single from this show as well, she talked about learning and having a new experience from the show.

According to White, her relationship max out in 2 years, and that is just how everything has been for her from a young age. Furthermore, White also revealed the kind of man she wants.

In an interview, White revealed that she wants a man who is like her father, supportive, protective and willing to go beyond the line for her. She described how her father resembled Malcolm X persona and could do virtually anything for her.

But she also acknowledged finding a man like her father before in her and that he was not emotionally available for her.

There were rumors back then that Jessica got engaged to Wall Street banker Bruce DeWitt, but the duo never confirmed anything. At the moment, Jessica seems single and aggressively working on her career.

 Jessica White Height, Weight, Net Worth

Jessica White stands at a tall height of 1.77 m which translates to 5 ft. 9 inches. During her career, she has worked with major brands and magazine houses like SI, Vogue, and many others.

With the help of a healthy diet and exercise, White maintains a body weight at around 50-55. Her modeling career has gathered her fame as well as fortune. Jessica currently has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Jessica White is American with African-American ethnicity.