It looks like the young player and one of the most handsome NBA professional basketball players; Kelly Oubre Jr. is dating.

Like Oubre himself, his girlfriend is also a treat for the eyes. But hasn’t Kelly’s choices always been hot and sexy women?

Here’s everything about Kelly’s personal life. His past relationships and beautiful girlfriend in 2020.

Who Is Kelly Oubre Jr. Dating? 

Back in mid-2019, media outlets released info that Kelly, the young basketball player with amazing hair, was dating a smoking hot model.

Her name is Jasmine Sanders.

Paparazzi spotted Kelly Oubre holding hands with Jasmine Sanders in a protective and affectionate manner as they exited a club.

Kelly Oubre Jr. and SI Swim Model Jasmine Sanders Hold Hands Leaving LA Club

— TMZ (@TMZ) August 14, 2019

The picture indeed showed some level of intimacy between the young couple.

However, since there’s not much that’s heard from Kelly and the Sports Illustrated model Jasmine.

All that seems to be for one particular reason.

Kelly is dating someone else now.

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Kelly Oubre, Jr. New Girlfriend – Shylynnita

Early this year, 2020, Oubre Jr. debuted with his new girlfriend, an extremely hot and beautiful girl who goes by the name Shylynnita.

Kelly Oubre Jr. and girlfriend Shylynnita.
Kelly Oubre Jr. and girlfriend Shylynnita. (

Just look at the amazing height difference. P.S. - Kelly Oubre Jr. is 6 feet 7 inches or 204cm tall. 

Kelly posted a picture with his new flame in mid-June, and since then, there’s been a lot of noise on the internet.

Kelly’s fans, mostly ladies, are all dropping their displeasure on learning that Kelly is dating and that too, an exceptionally stunning woman.

Fun fact: Shylynnita also reportedly dated another NBA player James Harden and allegedly cheated on him with Oubre.

Now, many might not know this, but when it comes to relationships, Kelly is really picky.

In a 2011 Tweet, Kelly said that he wouldn’t refer to his lover as “girlfriend” but instead call her his best friend. 

The reason why Kelly does that is that he never considers a girl as his official “girlfriend” if she isn’t his best friend.

Most recently, Kelly also posted a picture while stating how it feels to fall in love with your best friend.

Kelly Wrote,

"Imagine having a best friend, falling in love with them, and going through the fire together... hand in hand. Imagine that.”

Oubrey also called Shy his soulmate from day one to infinity.

Now, the relationship that Oubrey and Shy have is extremely beautiful and adorable. But who is his partner, Shy?

Who Is Girlfriend Shylynnita?

Oubrey’s girlfriend goes by the name “Shylynnita” on her Instagram, and that’s about it. 

She does not see it necessary to update a bio or anything. With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, Shy is kind of like a celebrity.

However, professionally, Shylynnita is a model and an artist.

Shy does a lot of photoshoots as a professional model. Her immaculate figure helps her land many photoshoot gigs.

On the other hand, she’s also an artist

Shylynnita has four songs out in all major music streaming platforms.

Shy released four songs in a span of four months starting from January of 2019.

Her songs titles are “Princess,” “Huracan,” “Boss Bitch,” and “Plugged In.” 

All of her works were released under the label Robbonation Music Group.

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Kelly Oubre Jr Bio, Age, Parents

Kelly Oubre, Jr. Was born on December 9, 1995, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

How old is Kelly Oubre Jr? He is 24 years old at the moment. 

He was born as Kelly Paul Oubre Jr. to father Kelly Oubre Sr. and mother, Tonya Coleman. 

He has one brother named Gared Washington and a sister named Amber Coleman. 

As a kid, Oubre studied at George Bush High School and later transferred to Findlay Prep. By the time Oubre transferred to Findlay Prep, he was already playing basketball and showed skills. 

Oubre later joined the Kansas Jayhawks and earned All-newcomer Team honors there. In 2015, Atlanta Hawks selected Oubre in their 15th overall pick, and that began his professional career. 

In 2018, Atlanta Hawks traded Oubre with Austin Rivers with Phoenix Suns. With Phoenix Suns, Oubre scored his highest of 26 points in a game against the Sacramento Kings. 

In February, he surpassed his previous record when he scored 39 points in a game against Houston Rockets.

Kelly Oubre, Jr. Injury

Unfortunately, Oubre stepped off the court because of injury. In a game against Utah Jazz, Oubre suffered an injury in his right leg.

He went under arthroscopic surgery for that because another diagnosis revealed that he had torn his right meniscus.

Fortunately, the surgery went successfully. He’s already bouncing in the court like his original self. 

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Kelly Oubre, Jr. Net Worth

The Phoenix Suns player has a massive net worth of $1.4 million at the moment.

He’s currently under a two years contract with Phoenix Suns worth $30,000,000 ($30 million.)

Oubre will earn a base salary of over $15,000,000 ($15 million) until the contract ends in 2021.

Kelly currently lives in his lavish home in Phoenix.