Savannah Guthrie, the famous NBC reporter, took her to leave from the “Today” show because of an injury. 

In 2019, Guthrie’s son hit her in the eye with a toy train, which left her blind in her right eye. 

Is Savannah back at work again? Because last time, she wasn’t really sure about vision on both her eyes.

Savannah Guthrie Eye Injury – How It Happened?

It’s not every day that people get hit by toy trains, right in their eye, leaving them blind. But that’s a risk that comes with being a mom.

In November 2019, Guthrie suffered from an eye injury while she was spending time with her three years old son, Charles Max Feldman. 

While her son was playing with his toy train, sitting on Savannah’s lap, he accidentally hit her in the eye with the toy.

While the first impression is that toys for children aren’t that big and most certainly not capable of doing severe harm. 

However, Guthrie’s son was playing with one of the larger sizes of a toy train that had all the sharp edges usually found in old train models. If you’ve seen Harry Potter by any chance, Charley’s toy train was of similar design.

Incidentally, it was the pointy bit at the front of the toy train that got Savannah in the eye.

Initially, Savannah began getting a weird sensation in her injured eye but dismissed it as nothing that needed immediate attention.

However, in just 24 hours, Guthrie suffered from total vision loss in her right eye.

Guthrie Doesn’t Blame Three Years Old Son

As a mom, Guthrie completely understands that the accident that left her temporarily blind in her right eye was not an intentional one.

After all, how could a three-year-old have such intention?

Savannah also stated that her son isn’t able to comprehend the seriousness of the situation as well because he’s too young. 

Also, Guthrie kept it that way because if her son somehow realized the gravity of things happening to Guthrie because of that accident, it would take a toll on the little guy. 

“He’s 2, so he doesn’t even know what he did. I wouldn’t want to make him feel bad for it. He hears me talking about it, and he has no idea. I was FaceTiming with my mom to tell her, and he came running in and said, ‘I did it!’ ”

She took Instagram a picture of her son, holding the train toy that did the damage and revealing to her fans about her condition. 

Savannah Guthrie's son Charley Feldman.
Savannah Guthrie's son Charley Feldman. (

Savannah joked about how her then two-year-old son had super strength. 

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What Happened to Her Right Eye?

When Guthrie got hit in her right eye by her son’s Guthrie lost vision in her injured eye in a span of 24 hours. 

After immediately rushing to the hospital and running diagnostics, doctors concluded that Guthrie suffered a retinal attachment.

In other words, the incident left a tear in the thin layer of the retina in Savannah’s eye, and that was a serious situation. 

Initially, doctors tried to avoid surgery as much as possible and opted for laser treatment. However, 48 years old journalist required to have surgery. 

On December 11, Guthrie underwent a retinal attachment surgery to reattach the retina firmly into place again. 

Although she wanted to get back to work as soon as possible, things did not go as planned. 

The surgery left Guthrie’s eye swollen, looking like she got punched. 

The surgery also did not help Savannah gain her vision right away. On the contrary, it caused further problems. 

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Guthrie’s Follow-Up Cataract Surgery

A couple of months after her retinal attachment surgery, which went successfully, Guthrie still struggled with a proper vision on her right eye. 

"I don't have my vision back yet, but I'm going to get it back; everything's on track."

Initially, Guthrie thought that things were not working out properly, and she even thought that her condition was getting worse. 

But it smoothened out fairly over a couple of weeks until she began experienced fogginess as if things were clouded. 

The University of Arizona graduate went to doctors once again, just to discover she needed to go under cataract surgery. 

Now, cataracts are usually a case seen in people of older people. However, there are also cases like Savannah’s, where people develop cataracts because of trauma.

In early 2020, months after her first surgery to repair her retinal injury, Guthrie underwent another surgery to remove her cataract. 

For a couple of weeks, she had to keep her right eye bandaged. In July, when she removed her bandages, Guthrie began seeing things clearer and brighter for the first time in months.

"I see close up really well. I can’t even believe it. I cried, actually. It was so overwhelming and such a relief. And I think in the next week or two, I’ll be able to see far away better once I get a prescription pair of glasses."

Since her cataract surgery, Guthrie sees things pretty well. However, she’s still in the process of healing from her first surgery. 

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Savannah Guthrie Eye Injury Update in 2020

As of late 2020, Savannah back at work, seeing things brighter and clearer every day. 

In a candid talk with her co-hosts, Guthrie revealed how she cried after taking off the bandages. 

"Mike and I walked out, and on the street corner, I just started sobbing because I was so glad. And I think what doctors do is amazing, and I’m so lucky. This was cataract surgery. People get it every day. It’s not even anything super-duper special, but boy is it special to me."

Fortunately for Savannah, cataracts after major retinal attachment are pretty common. But since Guthrie did not see it coming, it was tough for her to deal with it. 

Today, she’s pretty much in her best form, like always, and joining her co-hosts.

Savannah Guthrie Quick Facts

Birthday: December 27, 1971

Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Age: 48 years old

Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178cm)

Married To: Michael Feldman

Ex-Husband: Mark Orchard (Married from 2005-2009)

Daughter: Vale Guthrie Feldman

Son: Charles (Charley) Max Feldman

High School: Amphitheater High School

University: University of Arizona (B.A. in Journalism), Georgetown University Law Center (Juris Doctor degree)

Annual Salary: $8 million

Net Worth: $30 million