"The Chambers" star Nicholas Galitzine is one of those aspiring actors who has been able to win the hearts of audiences with his notable screen appearances.

Although there are few acting credits under Nicholas’ belt, he has successfully managed to justify every character that he has to portray on screen.

On the one hand, Nicholas is appreciated for his acting skills, and on the other, he has a huge fan base cheering him on.

But is there someone special in Nicholas’ life behind the cameras with whom he cherishes his success and achievements?

Nicholas Galitzine’s Personal Life: Dating & Girlfriend

Delving into Nicholas’ life behind the cameras, there is no hint of him having a girlfriend.

The 28-year-old actor is miles away when it comes to spilling the beans regarding his possible dating life with his partner.

However, his closeness with his Chambers co-star Lilli Kay has created quite a buzz.

Since Nicholas has been frequently sharing various pictures with Lilli on his Instagram account, most of the followers have assumed that there is something between the couple behind the sets of the supernatural horror web television series.

Nicholas Galitzine with his Chambers co-star Lilli Kay. (Instagram)

However, there is no evidence which hints that the pair is dating in real life. Let’s just consider them as good friends until they open up about their relationship.

Nicholas Galitzine’s Family Life: Parents & Siblings

Although Nicholas is reluctant in sharing information about his love life, he is vocal in opening up about his relationship with his family.

Talking about his parents, he was born to an entrepreneur father who raised him in London, England. He also has a sister named Lexi Galitzine as his sibling. 

Nicholas Galitzine’s mother and sister. (Instagram)

Well, Nicholas shares a strong bond with his family. They even visited him when he was away from home in October 2018.

More About Him: Movies & Net Worth

Nicholas Galitzine was born in 1994 and celebrates his birthday on September 29. Apart from being an actor, he is also a singer. At the age of 10, he began singing in a choir.

Nicholas, who was scouted to be an actor while attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, performed in a school production of the festival.

As per wiki, his acting career climbed a new height when he appeared in the film "High Strung."

He even learned to play the violin for his character in the movie. Apart from "The Chambers" and "High Strung," Nicholas’ acting credits include "Handsome Devil" and "The Beat Beneath My Feet."

Nicholas has amassed a sizable salary from his profession due to his ascending career.

As per PayScale, an actor in the United States accumulates a salary between $18,791 and $202,028. Similarly, Nicholas might be earning somewhere between the given figures and is believed to have thousands of dollars in net worth.

How Nicholas Got His First Acting Gig

Nicholas had his sights set on a girl who was attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He was so smitten with her that he decided to attend the festival himself in an attempt to pursue her. However, despite his efforts, things didn't work out with the girl.

But Nicholas was not sad because it did not work out with his dreamgirl.

In fact, he came back from the festival with something even better: a new acting agency.

Nicholas was able to turn his disappointment into an opportunity, and he was able to find success in a new direction.

This experience taught Nicholas that sometimes, even when things don't go as planned, new opportunities can arise from unexpected places. And that is how Nicholas started his acting career.