NLE Choppa, the gangsta figure portraying rapper, is a favorite of millions of people around the world. But a fact about his personal life cost him many admirers as well. 

Lashed at by ex-girlfriend who is also his baby mama, here’s the rollercoaster life of Choppa, but in a simple way. Also, details about his age, net worth, and real name. 

Who Is NLE Choppa Girlfriend Today?

As of today, in 2021, Choppa is single and isn’t dating anyone. Publicly, he’s a single man. 

However, fans always think that Choppa is dating someone on the side and keeping it a secret.

While there are talks about how Choppa appeared on an Instagram of a beautiful Instagram influencer, Yung Blasian.

NLE reportedly posted steamy pictures with the 22 years old CEO of an Eye Lashes company called Winks by Blasian.

However, Choppa has since removed those posts, signaling that the relationship is over. 

Eighteen years old Choppa has a notorious history of keeping personal life hushed up. His past relationship details also came out when his former girlfriend decided to become vocal about it. 

However, as mentioned, today, NLE is single. 

Ex-Girlfriend Mariah

Choppa began dating a beautiful black woman in 2019. The couple began their relationship on solid grounds. 

NLE Choppa's ex-girlfriend Mariah.
NLE Choppa's ex-girlfriend Mariah. (

Both were ambitious and were attracted to each other as well. 

However, during the end of 2019, things got sour between the two, and the couple split. But, the split happened in a very unconventional way, at least for the fans. 

Choppa went on a live stream on Instagram with a woman, and that was not Mariah. It was an extremely sexy Instagram influencer and businesswoman who went by the name Yung Blasian. 

Fans began asking questions about what happened with Mariah, and that’s how their relationship officially ended. 

Months later, Mariah took it to her Instagram and revealed some facts about how things were between her and Choppa. 

Also, by that time, Mariah was carrying Choppa’s baby as well.

NLE Choppa’s Baby

Between September and October, while Choppa and Mariah were still dating, Mariah became pregnant with the couple’s baby. 

Initially, Mariah thought of getting an abortion as she felt it was not the right time for both. Also, by this time, Mariah and Choppa were experiencing offsets in their relationship. 

As an alleged conversation between the couple, it shows that Choppa was against abortion and wanted a baby boy. 

“It’s a beautiful experience. When I found out that I had a baby on the way, it changed my mind and my whole way of thinking. I knew I needed to change and be a better person for my daughter.”

Despite Mariah and Choppa's split, it did not stop Mariah from giving birth to her first child. Although Choppa initially said that he wanted a son, Mariah gave birth to a daughter. 

Mariah and baby daughter Clover.
Mariah and baby daughter Clover. (

NLE Choppa and Mariah’s daughter was born on June 20, 2020. Her name is Clover. 

Backlash On NLE

Mariah posted a series of conversations between herself and Choppa. She gave the screenshots dates to let everyone know what happened between them and when it happened. 

Around November, according to the conversation screenshots, Choppa insisted on having the baby. 

NLE Choppa with baby daughter Clover.
NLE Choppa with baby daughter Clover. (

It also showed Choppa’s vows to always be there for Mariah and never letting her go. When things got worse between the couple, Choppa also posted a song with little dirt on Mariah. 

He roughly said,

“You take a female, and you make her famous, and then she blocks you.”

Mariah also addressed this fact through her story, claiming that it was NLE who blocked her multiple times. 

Allegedly, Choppa also shot at Mariah with a short-range gun. Fortunately, his aim was misplaced. 

The conversation screenshots also showed Choppa contradicting his previous words and asking Mariah to abort the baby. 

This extensive online tirade went on for quite some time and only stopped when both Choppa and Mariah seized to talk about it. 

NLE’s Choppa’s Ex-Girlfriend Dating

As of now, Choppa’s ex-girlfriend Mariah is dating a new man. She’s already featured her new boyfriend on her YouTube videos as well. 

She’s also taking care of her baby on her own as well, doing QnA sessions, where fans ask about her baby daughter Clover.

NLE Choppa Age, Birthday, Background

Famous rapper NLE Choppa was born on November 1, 2002, in Tennessee, in the United States. 

Choppa’s age is 18 years old today. He celebrates birth on November 1 every year. 

Choppa’s parents are African-American by ethnicity and American by nationality. However, his mother has a Jamaican background as well. 

NLE attended Cordova High School and played basketball as well. 

Choppa’s real name is Bryson Lashun Potts. 

NLE Choppa Meaning & Real Name

A lot of Choppa fans wonder about his real name and what’s the meaning behind his stage name. 

As mentioned, his real name is Bryson Lashun Potts. However, at a very young age, Potts gave himself a stage name. 

Initially, he went by the name YNR Choppa. As of now, the full form of YNR remains a mystery.  

Later, Bryson changed his stage name from YNR Choppa to NLE Choppa.

NLE stands for “No Love Entertainment,” his own record label. Choppa is a nickname that he’s used to from a very young age.

The Top Shotta singer also goes by the name “Awakened Choppa.” In Late 2020, Choppa stated how he’s awakened and wants to rap about better things and not about violence. 

Where Is NLE Choppa Today?

NLE Choppa currently lives in Memphis and follows a holistic and healthy lifestyle. 

After the spiritual awakening Choppa experienced in mid-2020, Choppa opted for a vegan lifestyle and also began gardening as well.

The Shotta Flow singer revealed how he previously had a hard life, and that gravitated him towards violence. 

However, today, he’s about that holy life and prioritizes meditation and connection to God.

NLE Choppa Net Worth

In 2021, NLE Choppa has a massive net worth of $3 million. His net worth is an estimated evaluation that includes his earnings from music, sponsors, house, real estate, and so on.

Choppa lives in a massive house in Memphis, and he’s also thinking about adding a studio there. 

The Memphis born rapper is also a fancy cars enthusiast, however, he does not post pictures of his ride on social media that often.