Paula Faris has reigned over the heart of many out there, and they are not to blame because after all, she is that magical. Seeing her on the television became like a hobby that people performed subconsciously – a daily routine per se.

However, she quit showing up since 2018, and it has a lot to do with her personal life. What kind of personal life issue forced or coerced Paula to step out of her career? Find out right here.

Paula Faris Personal Life, Husband

As mentioned, Paula most recently in September of 2018 quit her job, and the reason has some involvement in her personal life. But before diving into that, let’s learn more about her up close.

Paula Faris is married to John Krueger, and the couple had their wedding back in 2000. To talk about John, he started his career as an Assistant Basketball Coach for Central State University from where he received his master degree from. He later became a licensed realtor for Koenig & Strey Real Living in 2006 and worked there until 2012.

He then took the job of Investment Sales Associate at the Marcus & Millichap. He is a Cedarville University graduate.

He is now serving as a Sales Manager for Manhattan and Westchester and has worked there for almost seven years now.

How Did Paula and Husband John Met?

Paula and husband John went to the same college, Cedarville University and met there. Paula was into reporting from early days used to film basketball teams playing which included John.

The couple had some conversations here and there and later realized that both liked each other. Since then, John has been and remained the biggest supporter of Paula. She said in an interview,

“He has been my biggest supporter. He has encouraged me through every step of my career and provides emotional support when I am stressed or having a bad day.”

The Couple and Family

After meeting and dating in college, the couple continued their journey as girlfriend & boyfriend which eventually led to marriage. With a wedding that happened in 2000, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Caroline Grace Krueger in 2007.

The couple later welcomed another baby JJ Krueger in 2010 followed by the youngest member of the family Landon Krueger born in January of 2014.

Paula Faris, Husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter
Paula Faris, husband John Kreuger and children. (instagram)

Why did the couple wait so long to have a baby? Well, that is a story that got her to quit her job now in 2018.

Paula and Husband John, Almost Divorced

Before the couple had any children, they went through a period of turmoil that almost got them divorced. A couple of years after the wedding, their feelings about marriage changed which affected their behavior towards each other; ultimately, it led to the separation.

Paula said in an interview,

"My husband and I were separated early on in our marriage before we had children. And we just didn't feel right about [it]. As much as I wanted to walk and as much as I wanted to be done with that marriage and move on with my life, I didn't have a peace about it."

Dedicated to saving the love that started in college, she and husband prayed for strength and support, and miraculously, the couple got back together. She said that praying gave them a reason to fight for their relationship and save it.

"That's where I come back to faith — it gave us a reason to fight even when we didn't think there was anything worth fighting for.”

As if the separation was not enough, she has become pregnant and faced miscarriage and what she calls “months of hell” where she struggled with a concussion, headache, pneumonia and what not.

She realized that she needed to slow down and find a balance between work-life and personal life. She left her position at the Good Morning America and started a podcast called “Journeys of Faith With Paula Faris,” in association with ABC network and says she does not regret her decision.

The couple is now parents to three kids and lives together happily in New York.

Paula Faris Wiki, Age, Ethnicity

American reporter Paula Faris was born on October 26, 1975, in Jackson, Michigan. She is currently 43 years old and belongs to white ethnicity. She attended the local Jackson Christian School.

Later she went to study at the Cedarville University where she also met her husband John Krueger and graduated with a degree in broadcasting. However, she emphasized in television production.

She started her career in operations and has worked radio sales. She joined WKEF/WRGT from where she moved to Cincinnati based WCPO-TV in 2002.

Three years later, she joined the NBC network and later joined ABC in 2012. She started co-anchoring Good Morning America in 2014 until her departure in September of 2018. While her time in ABC, she reportedly earned over $500 thousand annually.

Considering that, she most probably has her net worth in millions. However, since she has not confirmed the numbers, facts about her salary and net worth remain questionable.