As a man of strong character, Mark Kriski of KLTA network has the hearts of a lot of people all around the world.

But one and only one person has his heart under a spell. Want to know who that person is? Here, read and learn everything there is about Mark from the very beginning.

Mark Kriski Personal Life: Married, Wife, Divorce

The KLTA reporter and one of the most sought after DJ Mark Kriski has a very happy personal life at the moment.

But it was not this way before.

Previously, Mark married Samantha Lewis, a director by profession. Talking more about Samantha, who is 60 years old at the moment previously owned Digital Playground, a DVD company that produced pornographic content for women and couples.

Mark and Samantha acquainted back in the early 2000s and after dating for some time, decided to marry each other. The wedding took place in the states, and the couple became husband and wife in 2004.

However, the marriage did not last a lifetime. As the years went by, Mark and Samantha lost touch to their relationship, which led to divorce in 2009.

Married Again: Wife Jennifer Gould

After the divorce from first wife Samantha Lewis, Mark found his way back to love again after he met Jennifer Gould, a fellow KLTA broadcaster.

Jennifer Gould is one of the most famous journalists who has won the Best Sports Reporting award in 2003.

Shortly after meeting started dating, Mark and Jennifer became very close, and as one thing led to another, Mark proposed Jennifer.

With full ecstasy, Jennifer said yes to marry Mark. On September 24, 2011, Mark and Jennifer married each other in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Mark Kriski and wife Jennifer Gould on wedding day
Mark Kriski and wife Jennifer Gould on wedding day on September 24, 2011. (

Mark and Jennifer are closing in to celebrate a whole decade together, and that is quite special for them. As of now, Mark and Jennifer do not have any plans to start a family.

Mark Kriski Education & Career (Radio DJ)

Kirski went to the Fanshawe College in Ontario where he studied radio and television arts. After graduating from college, Kirski started to pursue a career in journalism.

Kirski has served as a DJ for British Columbia’s Q-100 FM and also for CKGM. In the 80s, Kirski started working as a weatherman for The Weather Network Canada before he came to the United States.

Upon arriving in the states, Mark joined the KLTA network as a weatherman for KLTA Morning News.

Mark Kriski Bio, Age

The absolute viewers favorite and one of the funniest weatherman, Mark Kriski was born on June 29, 1956. As of now, Mark is 63 years old.

For most of his life, Mark worked in the journalism industry.

Despite the age that may sound like too much, Mark still preserves and showcases the enthusiasm.

Salary & Net Worth

With a career that is a couple of decades-long, Mark earns a hefty salary that ranges above $100,000 annually. That said, as of now, Mark has a net worth of more than $1 million.