He was working as a political activist, a commentator, and a Radio Host. Is there anything that this man, Richard A Fowler, cannot do?

Well, there seems to be one thing, and that is talking about her personal life. Because of a privy personal life, his fans have speculated many things about Fowler.

People have gone to the extent of believing that Richard A. Fowler, the Fox News commentator, is gay.

Is it true? Find out here.

Richard A. Fowler Bio, Age, Background

Popular political activist, Richard A Fowler was born on January 9, 1987, in Illinois, United States. At the moment, Richard’s age is 33 years old.

Fowler was born to mother Pauline Maxwell Folwer, a retired registered nurse, and father Richard A. Fowler Sr. in Evanston and grew up there. 

Richard belongs to black ethnicity, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Fowler most currently spoke very strongly on the matter of George Floyd’s death.

Born in Evanston, Fowler and his family later moved to Weston, Florida. In Florida, Fowler attended the Fort Lauderdale High School.

After high school graduation, Fowler went to George Washington University and studied Economics there.

At the moment, Richard Fowler lives in Washington, D.C.

Fox News’ Richard A. Fowler Married? Wife, Relationship

Already at the age of 33, people are anxious to learn more about Richard’s personal life.

Is Richard a married man, and does he have a wife?

Unfortunately, these are some of the things that Richard does not talk about. At the moment, any information about Richard’s personal life remains a very securely guarded secret.

Does that mean Richard has a girlfriend instead? That’s possible as well. But unfortunately, privacy strikes again. 

However, his Facebook profile also mentions that he is single. Is that a legit relationship status, or did Fowler forget to change it? 

There’s no way of knowing if Richard A. Fowling is dating a girlfriend or single. This unsurprisingly has led the public to another conclusion.

Fox News’ Richard A. Fowler Gay?


People are constantly talking and throwing around the speculation that Richard Fowler is gay.

If this were a question raised before 2017, the answer would be no. 

However, in 2017, Fowler came out as a gay man, embracing his sexuality.

On his Facebook, Richard also posted a picture with a foreground of the rainbow created by Facebook honoring pride week, a worldwide event celebrated by people belonging to the LGBTQ+ group/sexuality.

In a Huffington Post segment, Fowler wrote how he came to embrace his sexuality publicly, and gained ownership of his identity and stories. 

At the moment, Fowler has not mentioned about dating or having a boyfriend. 

Richard A. Fowler Career, Fox News, Now

At a very young age, Fowler began following politics. His interest in politics started when, as a child, he accompanied his mother to the voting booth. His mother voted for Bill Clinton for president.

Since then, Fowler began involving himself in politics. 

During his career, Fowler has helped youth and middle-class families by becoming their advocate. 

Fowler also introduces himself as a messaging expert.

Fowler has also founded Far Constructs LLC, Phoenix Freedom Pac, and also became director of Virginia Young Democrats as well. 

At the moment, Fowler serves as a commentator for Fox News. He has also worked with several other stations like MSNBC, NHK, Russia Today, and more.

He is also the host of the Richard Fowler Show.

When it comes to salary, Fox News has not disclosed the agreed salary figures. But tabloids believe that Richard A. Fowler's salary is at six figures range or more.