Roxanne Siordia is one of the most admired celebrity spouses on the internet, and that’s for a reason. She’s beautiful, sexy, brainy, and loves her family. 

T.J. Lavin, her husband, is a very lucky man. But there was a time when Roxanne and T.J. Lavin went through a rough spot in their relationship.

Here’s everything about Siordia, her life with BMX Rider's husband, and their daughter. 

Roxanne Siordia Age, Bio, Birthday

T.J. Lavi’s wife and avid environmentalist, Roxanne Siordia, was born on August 28, 1980. 

Roxanne was born in California in 1980, and as of today, she is 40 years old. 

During her early years, Roxanne lived in different cities across California. 

She’s lived in cities like Del Mar, Perris, Wildomar, and so on. 

Her full name is Roxanne Christina Siordia.

According to sources, Siordia is the only child of her parents. 

As far as ethnic background goes, Siordia comes from a diverse ancestral root and shares a white ethnic background. 

Meeting T.J. Lavin, Dating, Relationship

Siordia and Lavin’s love story is one of the most adorable and inspiring at the same time. 

The couple met each other for the first time back on November 2, 2004. 

During that time, Roxanne was 24 years old and T.J. 28 years old. The couple has an age gap of four years. 

Roxanne Siordia and T.J. Lavin old picture.
Roxanne Siordia and T.J. Lavin old picture. (

While attending an event, T.J. met Roxanne, and, in an interview, he revealed the string of feelings he experienced during that time. 

Lavin said, 

“I knew I was gonna marry her the second I met her.”

While the couple began dating each other shortly after meeting at the November 2 event.

Unfortunately, when everything was rainbows and sunshine for the couple, a tragedy happened. 

On October 14, 2010, T.J. crashed during one of the BMX shows and suffered critical injuries. 

Lavin’s injuries were so critical that medical experts had to put him in a medically induced coma. It lasted for nine days before Lavin was out of fatality. 

This took a toll on Lavin and Siordia’s relationship. 

Lavin said, 

“We had to work on our relationship more and make it more of a priority.”

When T.J. began recovering, he realized how the whole injury and recovery process had affected his relationship with Siordia. 

“My coma… really messed up things. If you go to a coma, it really messes with your social life, so don’t do it,” he laughed. “But when I got [through] my wreck… it opened my eyes.”

He further said, 

“We had to find ourselves – [then] everything was cool.”

After some time of working things out, everything was back to normal. T.J. and Roxanne were back in their happy place. 

In about a year or so, T.J. also made a full recovery. 

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Roxanne Siordia and T.J. Lavin Married, Wedding Details

As it happened, marriage was something that the couple had talked about for a very long time. 

Both wanted to get married on the exact date they first met. In an interview, Lavin revealed how he and Roxanne had talked about their marriage for over six years.

Then T.J.’s accident happened. It affected the couple’s relationship, and it took some time to get things back on track. 

Finally, on November 2, 2012, the couple decided to get married.

The wedding looked like something out of a movie, spontaneous and extremely fun. 

Roxanne Siordia and T.J. Lavin Wedding Picture.
Roxanne Siordia and T.J. Lavin Wedding Picture. (

Initially, Roxanne and her then-boyfriend thought of doing their wedding ceremony at the drive-thru. But it wasn’t doable. 

Then, both agreed on City Hall, mutually omitting a fancy wedding.

“We thought about doing it at the drive-thru, but we couldn’t go through with it, so I said I was down for City Hall. Fancy weddings aren’t our thing.”

While T.J wore a black suit, Roxanne’s choice of wedding attire was a cocktail dress. 

For a honeymoon, Lavin offered to take Roxanne to wherever in the world she fancied. Roxanne also had a choice of doing whatever she wanted to do during their honeymoon. 

That’s not the only thing that Lavin did. He also adopted Roxanne’s daughter from a previous relationship.

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Raquel Lavin, Roxanne Siordia’s Daughter

For many, this may come as a surprise, but Roxanne and T.J. Lavin have a daughter together. Her name is Raquel Lavin. 

Surprise because fans have never seen a pregnancy belly bump on Roxanne. Never. 

It’s likely because of the fact that when Roxanne welcomed Raquel when she was only 18 years old before she met T.J. Lavin.

That’s right people, Raquel is Roxanne’s daughter from her previous relationship.

As of now, it’s unclear who is Raquel’s biological father as Roxanne Siordia never revealed his name. 

She was 18 years old when she had Raquel, which means that it was while she was in college.

Roxanne welcomed Raquel on January 11, 1999. Today, she is 22 years old. 

Raquel Lavin.
Raquel Lavin. (

After marriage with Roxanne, T.J. officially adopted Raquel as his daughter. He loves her very much and is a very proud father as well. 

Lavin said,

“She’s an amazing girl with so much empathy and compassion for everyone.”

Here’s more about Raquel Lavin because she’s a wonderful young woman.

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Raquel Lavin – Age, Bio, Career

Raquel Lavin was born on January 11, 1999. Today, she is 22 years old.

Growing up, Roxanne did not have much of a father figure until T.J. came into the mother-daughter’s lives. 

Growing up in Oceanside, California, Raquel went to Silverado High School. She later joined Desert Oasis High School and graduated after a couple of years. 

After high school graduation, Raquel wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

For that reason, she began working two jobs so that she could afford college. According to T.J., she did not want to give such a heavy burden on her mother and also wanted to become independent. 

Currently living in Las Vegas, Raquel worked two jobs in Whole Foods and TruFusion. 

Since graduating from Paul Mitchell Schools, Raquel is working as a Cosmetologist at Square Salon.

Roxanne Siordia Career & Net Worth

For anyone who follows Roxanne on her social media platforms, especially Instagram, know how concerned she is about the plant.

For that reason, Siordia began taking care of her surrounding and contributing to the environment.

How does she do it?

She became a certified fitness nutritionist in 2011 and began advocating about plant-based nutrition and diet.

She also established a business called All Things Plant-Based which caters to people’s need for healthy lifestyle consultation, meal prep, and so on.

“Every single human on this planet should be an environmentalist. This is our home. Mother Nature gives us so much, and all we do is take.”

From all the work that Roxanne has done over the years, she currently has a massive net worth of over $1 million. 

On the other hand, her husband, a professional BMX rider, has a massive net worth of $9 million.