Whether it's appearing as Reece in Murdered By My Boyfriend or as Istredd in The Witcher, Royce Pierreson does know how to put on a show.

He most recently played as a failed romantic partner to The Witcher’s character Yennefer, played by Anya Chalotra. But what about his personal life in reality?

Is there a love affair in Royce’s life in reality or that only limits to his on-screen character? Well, spoiler alert!! He has a girlfriend.

Royce Pierreson Bio, Age, Background

The Witcher actor Royce Pierreson was born on April 1, 1989, in England. At the moment, Royce is 31 years old.

Pierreson grew up in Cornwall, England, and began attending the Saltash.net community school. At the moment, many people consider Pierreson’s career as one of the most inspirational success stories of the school.

After Saltash.net Community School, Royce began attending City College Plymouth and later enrolled at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. 

In 2011, Royce graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. 

Royce Pierreson Dating, Girlfriend, Relationship

Because of the spoiler earlier, you already know the fact that Royce Pierreson, an actor from Murdered by My Boyfriend.

That’s right. 

Mr. Pierreson, who ladies around also call a heartthrob, isn’t in the market and taken by a woman named Natalie Herron, who hails from Sweden. 

Royce Pierreson with girlfriend Natalie Herron
Royce Pierreson with girlfriend Natalie Herron. (gettyimages.com)

The couple began dating have been dating each other for over a year now, and things are going quite smoothly as well.

Now, you might be wondering who Natalie Herron is. Well, let’s get onto it.

Royce Pierreson’s Girlfriend Natalie Herron

In hindsight, Natalie Herron comes off as an ordinary lady who people know as Royce Pierreson’s girlfriend.

However, it turns out that she’s a pretty accomplished personality in her respective field. 

Natalie attended Stockholm University, where she graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2014. Followed by that, Natalie received media and communication degree the same year.

In 2015, Natalie received another degree in behaviorism. 

When it comes to career, Natalie began working as a swim instructor at Stockholms simskola & babysit.

Herron changed her field of working when she began working as a seller for Svensk Internet.

Later, Herron began working as a Store Clerk at ICA. At the moment, Natalie works as a legal advisor in employment law for Unionen.

Royce Pierreson Career, TV Show, Movies

Pierreson, who stands at a tall height of 6.3 ft, began his career in 2011 when he appeared as Alex in London’s Burning.

Since then, he appeared in Inspector Lewis, Love Me Till Monday, Thor: The Dark World, Misfits, Edge of Heaven, and more.

In 2014, Royce began appearing in Murdered by My Boyfriend as Reece, and that acted as his breakthrough appearance. 

Since then, he appeared in Death In Paradise, Our Girl, Line of Duty, Wanderlust. Most recently, Pierrson received a massive positive response from his appearance in The Witcher in which he portrays the character of Istredd.

Apart from movies and TV shows, Royce also works as a voice actor for games like Mass Effect, Hitman, Hitman 2, and more.

Royce Pierreson Net Worth

Pierreson has been working as an actor for nearly a decade now. In all these years, he has worked on many movies and TV shows.

All these have gained his massive following and has made him good money as well.

Unfortunately, Royce keeps his financial business a secret at the moment and does not really talk about it. Because of that, Royce Pierreson's net worth remains a mystery at the moment.