A lot of times, people take what is most important to them for granted, but not Sara Gilbert. Sara, at the moment, is ready to quit her career in one of the most-watched shows around the world called The Talk.
All of this because she wants to spend more time with her family. A family that Sara got after years of trials and errors in a relationship.

Here are all the things that you should and need to know about Sara right here.

Sara Gilbert Personal Life: Lesbian, Dating

Most of the people who follow Sara Gilbert have some recollection about her personal life and, undoubtedly, her sexuality as well.

However, those who just started following Sara might knot already know about it all. Sara is a Lesbian and a proud good one as well.

That is right. In a world that still remains conservative, Sara is an open lesbian personality. It is always because of these bright people because of whom the world glimmers with light of hope.

While most of the people know now that Sara is lesbian but back then, this came out as news, in a time when Gilbert was dating a man, a very well-known and famous man that too.

Coming Out as Lesbian to Boyfriend

During teenage days, Sara, who started a career in acting, came to know another prominent actor named Johnny Galecki. Both of them worked in a show called “Roseanne” together and shared a lot in common; incidentally, their love for each other as well.

When Sara and Johnny were together, Sara started to notice a shift in her behavior and her romantic affection towards Galecki.

When the two would engage an intimate session, it left her feeling depressed. Sara stated that her romantic life with Galecki declined to the point where she realized Johnny lacked nothing, but it was Sara herself who was different.

After confessing to Johnny, which she dreaded for such a long time, it turned out Johnny did not mind at all, and he understood Sara’s position clearly. Johnny also said how proud he was of Sara for confronting this massive reality of hers so boldly.

After Johnny Galecki: The Lesbian Story

After realizing that she was lesbian and talking about it to her then-boyfriend Johnny Galecki, Sara embarked on a journey of finding love with women. Not literally, but you get the idea.

Sara’s relationship with Galecki came to a halt shortly after the revelation of her sexuality, and soon after, Sara began dating a woman.

Apparently, the woman who Sara started dating was a public figure and 18 years older than her as well.

Sara Gilbert – Lesbian Dating

Back in 2001, Sara began dating Allison Adler, a television producer. Sara and Allison also welcomed two children from their relationship. Adler welcomed the couple’s first child and named him Levi Hank.

Sara welcomed the second child of the couple and named him Swayer Jane. But even having children together did not save her relationship with Adler as the couple later split in 2011.

In 2011, everything changed when Sara made a revelation in her show called The Talk. In the show, Sara revealed that she was dating Linda Perry, a singer, songwriter and also a producer by profession.

On the flip side of the camera and limelight, Linda Perry is a really very wonderful woman who changed Sara’s life for good.

After two years of dating, Linda decided that it was time for the next big step since legal authorities also supported same-sex marriage. She proposed to Sara by printing, “Will you marry me? In four different t-shirts and pulling it out one by one.

Sara Gilbert with Children

Caption: Sara Gilbert with Children. (radaronline.com)

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Wedding

Of course, Sara said yes to the proposal and agreed to marry Linda. Just a year later, Sara and Linda found each other in front of one another, exchanging vows while their family and friends watched with glee.

Sarah Gilbert and Linda Perry married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony in Malibu, California.


Another year later, Sara welcomed another child who became hers and Linda’s first child together. Linda is also a stepmother to Sara’s two children from her previous relationship with Adler.

Sara Gilbert Age, Bio

Very talented actress Sara Gilbert was born on January 29, 1975, in Santa Monica, California. At the moment, Sara is 44 years old, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

For family, Sara has four half-siblings; all of them are older than her. Sara started her career and made her first TV appearance as a 13 years old kid.

She is the Kool-Aid commercial, and from then, her career rolled. Since her first TV appearance, Sara appeared in Simpsons, Law & Order, and other famous TV shows.

Amid all the talks about Leaving “The Talk”; (no pun intended), Sara Gilbert has yet returned to the show as a professor for a new show called a Conners.
In the show, Sara appears as a college professor.

With a throbbing career, Sara also earns as much. At the moment, Sara has a massive net worth, which dwells in the seven-figure range.