Seema Mody holds a special place in CNBC as she has a title over her head. For anyone who previously did not know this, Seema Mody is the first person hailing from the South Asian region who became an on-air reporter at CNBC.

Quite interesting. Now, getting to know Seema more, what is going on in her personal life. Well, find out for yourself.

Here, learn everything about Seema’s personal life. From a relationship, she married life to her parents and career.

Is Seema Mody Married? Husband, Relationship

This is one question that everyone has when it comes to talking about this amazing woman.

At the moment, Seema is not married to anyone. Despite having a rumor about a budding relationship with an author, this is the current relationship status that Seema holds.

Don’t forget that Seema’s current relationship status is unmarried and not single.

Is Seema Mody dating anyone?

As far as things remain concerned, Seema does not seem to have any kind of public dating affair in her life.

There is a very high chance that Seema is keeping her relationship a secret at the moment.

Seema Mody Dating, Boyfriend

Previously, tabloids began claiming that Seema began dating a businessman and author by the name Jeff Macke.

Jeff Macke is the founder of Macke Asset Management. Jeff co-authored a book called Clash of the Financial Pundits: How the Media Influences Your Investment Decisions for Better or Worse.

According to an array of speculation, Seema and Jeff began dating Jeff secretly also previously appeared in CNBC as well.

However, no claims about Seema’s romantic relationship with Jeff have verified either personality.

And according to one of Macke’s Tweets, he is already married. In this Tweet, Jeff talks about marrying his wife twice. Jeff married his wife for the first time in 1998, and later in 2014. 

Jeff Macke with wife.
Jeff Macke with wife. (

So, there go the speculations about Seema dating Jeff Macke down the drain.

However, this does not diminish the fact that Seema may be dating someone else secretly at the moment. But Seema is very clever to reveal that to the public.

Seema Mody Education, Career

Now a very successful figure in the world of journalism on a global scale, Seema did not anticipate where her career would end up.

As a young girl, Seema studied at Valley Catholic High School, a private school in Beaverton, Oregon, and graduated from there in 2003.

During high school days, Seema aspired to become a successful doctor who specialized in dermatology.

With such aspirations, Seema became a premed student at the University of Washington. However, Seema, on her journey to become a doctor, figured out that that career was not for her.

Even though realizing a career in the medical field was not for her, Seema graduated from the University of Washington in 2007 and began working at Accenture, a consulting company.

Born in Portland, Oregan, Seema moved to Mumbai, India, to pursue a career in journalism as she realized her passion was in that industry.

In 2011, Seema began working at CNBC-TV18. A year later, Seema began handling CNBC Europe and later moved to New York and began taking care of the economic section.

At the moment, Seema serves as a CNBC reporter for the network’s global market and also works on Futures Now, where she covers the travel industry as well.

Seema Mody Bio, Age, Parents, Salary, Net Worth

The famous CNBC reporter Seema Mody was born on May 14, 1985, in Portland, Oregon. At the moment, Seema is 35 years old.

Seema was born to parents Jaisen Mody and mother Sunita Mody. Seema Mody’s father is a manager at Portland General Electric.

Seema’s father Jaisen finished his schooling at Ispat English Medium School in India and moved to the United States later for his Master’s degree at the University of Washington.

When it comes to financial information, Seema talks about everything and everyone except for her own. But, given the fact that Seema is with the network for quite a time, her salary should well cross the $100 thousand/year mark.

As far as her net worth goes, Seema keeps a mystery.