Quite a lot of things have happened in the past few years. Obama left the chair, Gay marriage became legal, and Shepard Smith came out as gay.

You heard it right. The Fox network’s notorious reporter came out as a gay man in the past years, and he had a lot to share.

Here are some of the never known facts about Shepard Smith.

Is Shepard Smith Gay? Here Is The Answer

In 2017, Shepard Smith made a huge leap of faith and came out as a gay man. A lot of people anticipated his sexuality, so it was not a shocker for everyone.

But the reporter shared his tough journey to the spot he is on today. In an exclusive interview with Huffington Post, Shepard lay down his story.

Smith told the magazine that he immersed himself into work to neglect his sexual orientation and the personal life issues it came with.

He took every assignment he could virtually take and traveled a lot to escape his reality; a gay man’s reality. He also said that he never actually tried to hide his queer sexuality but never necessarily discussed it as well.

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Many tabloids also reserved late CEO of Fox Network Roger Ailes as the man who pushed down Smith to hide his sexuality from the media. However, Smith says otherwise.

He said that Roger was always very nice to him and treated him with respect.

At the end of the interview, Shepard said that his sexuality does not bother him right now. All he does is work and go home to the man he loves. He is speaking of which. Who is his boyfriend?

Shepard Smith Boyfriend, Dating

When Smith was at the stage where he did not want to confront his sexuality, he took all the plane flights because he did not have love, girlfriend or a boyfriend at home waiting for him.

But now he does.

In the early 2010s, Smith met a man called Giovanni Graziano at Fox Network itself. Gio attended the network as a production assistant on Smith’s show in 2011. He then moved to Varney & Co. in 2012.

Shepard Smith and boyfriend Giovanni Graziano
Shepard Smith and boyfriend Giovanni Graziano. (dailymail.co.uk)

Both of them liked each other and eventually realized that the feeling was mutual, so they kicked it off. Both also went to a work outing together for the first time and had dinner at Roger Ailes’ home with wife Elizabeth.

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After more than half a decade of dating, the couple lives together, and things cannot get any better for them.

Even though Gio is approximately 20 years junior to Shepard, the couple gets along just fine. According to Smith, the couple goes on date nights, dinners, and see each other’s family and it’s been great so far.

While his personal life seems to sail just fine, people are questioning about his professional life since he came out as a gay man and his former boss Roger Ailes died.

Is Shepard Smith Still On Fox News

Shepard Smith joined the Fox Network in 1996 where he started as an anchor. He took responsibility of anchoring Fox News Channel’s major news program and also primetime shows.

Whether it is traveling to Ukraine to cover a story or sit behind a desk and lay down his honest and sometimes gruesome opinions, Smith has never hesitated. Back in 2007, the network renewed his contract by offering him a sum that lingered between $7 million to $8 million annually.

The contract was valid for three years, and after its completion, the network signed him for another three years. The network kept showering down millions of dollars on Shepard on every renewal.

Most recently on March 15, 2018, Fox renewed his contract again. While the signing amount remains hidden, the price is likely above eight figures.

Is Fox News Shepard Smith Married?

At this particular moment, there are no reports of Shepard Smith marrying his boyfriend Geo. Both of them are enjoying their time as partners and seeing each other’s families.

There is a potential that the couple might get married in 2019. However, until and unless Shepard drops some cue, everything remains uncertain.

However, Smith was married before, way before. In 1987, Shepard married his longtime girlfriend, Virginia Donald. The couple stayed together as a married couple for years.

But, when Smith later realized that he liked men and was a gay man, he and wife Virginia split in 1993.

Shepard Smith Wiki, Bio, Salary Net Worth

American reporter Shepard Smith was born on January 14, 1964, in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Smith is currently 55 years old.

He was born to father David Shepard Smith Sr. and mother Dora Ellen Anderson who split after Smith graduated Marshall Academy.

He later joined the University of Mississippi and studied Journalism. But when he was just two credits away, Shepard left the university without graduating.

His career in journalism started in 1986 as a reporter and worked his way up while gathering as much experience he could. He then joined the Fox Network, and the rest is history.

Smith currently has a salary which easily goes above $10 million annually. While his salary makes it easy to guess his net worth, he has not revealed it himself. According to tabloids, his net worth also ranges above the $10 million thresholds.