Stephen Mulhern takes television show hosting to a whole new level. He brings such charm to the TV screens that viewers seem to just stick to whatever show he is hosting. He is a brilliant presenter, and there is no doubt about that.

But when it comes to his personal life, how good is he at presenting it? Who is he currently dating or is Stephen Mulhern already married? Find out shortly.

Stephen Mulhern Personal Life, Girlfriend, Dating

Stephen Mulhern makes presenting look so easy and effortless when in reality it takes a lot of work. He has served as a host for major TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent. However, despite being famous for his work, his personal life remains unnoticed.

Who is Stephen Mulhern dating at the moment? Well, the answer is nobody.

Stephen Mulhern as fans know is single and has remained so for many years now. He is quite open about the reason that has kept him single all this time, and it is very saddening.

Stephen did have a girlfriend in the past, and her name is Emma Barton who appears on EastEnders. The couple met many years ago and fell in love shortly. Stephen and Emma became inseparable and rightly so because both are very acclaimed personalities in their related field of career.

However, due to some inconvenience cause, the couple called it quits and broke up in 2011 after many years of dating. Upon asking what caused the split, Stephen simply said that the relationship ran its course and came to a natural end.

Stephen Mulhern Dating Again?

Is Stephen Mulhern dating someone again? This is the question that bothers a lot of his fans, and they should be concerned. If you follow a celebrity religiously, you have every right to know about their life as well.

Well, as mentioned earlier, Stephen is single and has not dated anyone one or had a girlfriend in a while – about four years and counting to be exact.

Stephen revealed in an interview that he needs to slow down on his working schedule, look around and get a life. He is worried that anyone who learns this fact may think he is sad.

While ever more ready for a relationship, Stephen will not fancy any type of online dating apps because he simply finds them weird. He acknowledges that his best mate found the love of his life via an online dating app, but it still isn’t enough to convince him.

Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?

Stephen had this coming because he has stayed single without even a single date for over four years. His last relationship ended in 2011, and he isn’t a big fan of online dating. All these rounds up to one big fat “is he gay?” question.

Ending this rumor once and for all, Stephen Mulhern is not gay and is every bit of a straight guy who likes girls and has dated once in the past.

The only reason Stephen has remained single for so long is that his career is skyrocketing and Stephen simply cannot find free time.

Stephen Mulhern Bio, Age, Net Worth

Stephen Mulhern was born on April 4, 1997, in Stratford, the United Kingdom to parents Christopher Mulhern and Maureen Mulhern. He is currently 42 years old. Mulhern went to St. Bonaventure’s and graduated from there.

Before becoming a world-famous Television presenter, Stephen was a magician and has also worked at the Butlin’s as a Redcoat. He later found himself auditioning for TV shows and gradually fell in love with Television line of career.

Since shooting to fame, he has appeared on Sunday Breakfast, The Big Quiz and so on. With much hard work, Stephen Mulhern currently has a massive net worth of £2.1million which converts into $2.7 million.

Stephen also has a house in West London and has a place in Brighton, on the seafront.

He is currently a presenter for Big Star’s Bigger Star, Rollin’ In It and In For A Penny.