Opportunities are scattered all around us, it is on us to figure out the one that is suitable for us and grab it with all our heart. Similarly, the Indian actor Suraj Sharma utilized the available opportunity in a graceful way. 

Suraj Sharma banged on with his performance as Pi Patel in the movie Life Of Pi while before that, he had no former knowledge of acting neither he knew how to swim. Despite being new to the field, Suraj pushed his limits and gave a realistic performance which not only rose him to fame but also helped him receive Saturn Award, Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award, and MTV Movie Award. 

Who Is The Girlfriend Of Suraj?

Maintaining love life is hard enough when you are just teenage and are in the phase of learning. Similar is the case with Suraj Sharma. He shared a relationship with his college mate Gayatri Alma. The duo began dating ever since their college days. Suraj proposed Gayatri for marriage on October 7, 2009, which also happens to be the birthday of Gayatri. They dated for almost 4 years and before that, they knew each other for almost 6 years. The cute love story of the duo took the next step by getting engaged.

In the meantime, Suraj was also selected for the film Life Of Pi. For the movie, Suraj had a lot of things to learn and he even had to miss the last year of high school. Along with the time, the duo was unable to hold on their engaged life and they split in August of 2010. 

In an interview with DNA India in 2015, Suraj was asked about his contact with his ex-fiance Gayatri but he laughed off and mentioned it be only his past and denied being in touch with her. 

As per his sexuality, Suraj is not gay. 

Family And Siblings 

Suraj was born on March 21, 1993, to mother Shailaja Sharma and father Gokul Chura in New Delhi, India. By profession, his mother is an economist, and father is a software engineer. He has two younger siblings. His younger brother's name is Shriharsh and the name of his younger sister is Dhruvatara.

Born with Indian nationality Suraj comprises of Malayali Indian ethnicity 

Suraj Sharma with his parents and siblings. (Photo: Pinterest)

Suraj's parents were very supportive and concerned at the same time when he had to miss his last year o high school. Renowned director Ang Lee explained the pros of the project which would be life-changing and after that, both the parents were excited. His mother performed a small ritual where she appointed Ang Lee as the “guru” of Suraj and Ang considered Suraj as his student. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Suraj?

The phenomenal actor Suraj, who stands tall at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches, wishes to get appreciated for his professional work. He first started his career because of his brother who asked him to go for the audition of Life of Pi. 

As per the pay scale, the average salary of an actor is $50,529. With the immense popularity as a star, Suraj maybe enjoying mounting amount of net worth. He has appeared in several movies like Life Of Pi, Umrika, Phillauri, Happy Death Day 2U, Million Dollar Man, God Friended Me, and Killerman.