Susan Li lives true to her virtues. What she says is what she does, and that is a statement in itself.

While her professional life achievements are well known – the fact that she was nominated for the Best News Anchor award at the Asian Television Awards and won the 2012 Asian Television Award for Best News Programme is the epitome of success. But is it the same with her personal life?

Who is she dating or is she already married? Keep reading to find out the details.

Is Susan Li Married, Who Is Husband? (Personal Life Details)

Does it seem possible that this beautiful journalist is married? Yes – In every single way out there because who wouldn’t want to be dating her. However, this may come as a treat for many of her fans out there, emphasizing the male ones.

She is not married and does not have a husband – Yet!

With sheer beauty and the brains to go with it, it’s not long before she finds a man fit for her. At the moment, not so much.

Susan right now is all about living life, learning whenever she can, traveling and of course, food. Given her Instagram posts, she is not lying as she is seen enjoying her work while taking little vacations.

There are also no records of this University of Toronto graduate dating anyone in the past. She posts pictures with men, but they all seem to be just very good friends riding the shared bandwagon of living life.

As of now, Susan Li is very much single and remains so until she decides to reveal her newly found love life.

Susan Li Bio (Age, CNBC, Salary)

Susan Li was born in 1985 in China and is currently of age 34 years old. While the date of her birthday is reportedly May 1, a Hong Kong-based consultant Lauren Chung wished her birthday on October 20.

Born in China, her family moved to Canada where she graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Toronto and started her career in journalism. After witnessing China’s Cultural Revolution on TV, she decided her career to be journalism and joined a Canadian station.

She has also worked for CCTV in China served as an anchor and editor. In 2006, she joined the Bloomberg Television as an anchor for First Up with Susan Li. She moved to join CNBC network as an anchor/reporter in 2014.

Most recently, Susan was with Fox News since April of 2018. However, it has turned into a solid contract as the network has officially signed Susan as their Business News Correspondent.

With contract signing, there comes earnings and a huge amount of it. The current numbers of Susan’s salary are not revealed, but with such a diverse career line, she must have it on the heavy side.