Suzzane Rawlings had her fair share of private life. Now it is time to know everything about her because fans and followers cannot wait.

She married the same man twice and oh well, it did not end up good for her even on the second time.

This is everything about Suzzane’s personal life – Age, married life, net worth, and more.

Suzanne Rawlings Age, Early Life – Biography

Suzanne Rawling, famous as the wife of Richard Rawlings was born in 1964, in Texas. At the moment, Suzanne is 55 years old.

Suzanne was born to father Jack Mergele and mother Betty Koehl-Mergele and grew up with them in Texas.

Suzanne went to Crystal Lake South High School and later graduated with BS in Computer Science from the Northern Illinois University.

After graduating from University, Suzanne went and worked for the Department of Defense as a contractor for four years. From there, she went to work in Schaumburg for a consulting firm.

Suzanne moved back to Dallas and opened a Home Health Agency in 2004. After four years, Suzanne also started her own computer consulting firm.

At the moment, Suzanne lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Suzanne Rawling Personal Life

Suzanne Rawling has married three times in total and is without counting the multiple marriages with one single person.

That is right, Suzanne married three times. Her earliest marriage holds no record. Suzanne married for the second time with a man named Carlos Venegas.

Suzanne and Carlos welcomed their first child together and named him Sinjin Venegas.

Suzanne Rawlings with son Sinjin
Suzanne Rawlings with son Sinjin. (

Sinjin is all grown up at the moment and also has a girlfriend named Hayley Mince.

Suzanne Rawlings' son's girlfriend Hayley
Suzanne Rawlings' son's girlfriend Hayley. (

However, the marriage did not work between Suzanne and Carlos, and the couple ended up getting divorced.

Married Life with Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage

In 1999, Suzanne and Richard Rawlings married in a gorgeous wedding ceremony. Suzanne and Richard, initially very happy later started to develop a sour relationship which eventually led to the couple’s divorce in 2009.

While fans are not sure how but later in mid-2010, Suzanne and Richard grew closer again and married again in 2015.

Suzanne Rawlings and ex-husband Richard Rawlings
Suzanne Rawlings and ex-husband Richard Rawlings. (

However, this revived relationship did not last very long because Richard filed for divorce in 2019. This divorce got Suzanne a 2019 Mercedes SL 450 roadster as well as over $300 thousand payments in two installments.

The fact that Suzanne and Richard do now have any children made all the difference and did not make the divorce a messy thing.

At the moment, Suzanne’s Facebook bio suggests that she is in a relationship while her ex-husband Richard Rawlings surely is in a relationship.

Suzanne Rawlings currently lives in Crystal Lake City.