The "Black Panther" star, Chadwick Boseman, passed away at the age of 43. Boseman’s cause of death is colon cancer.

Recently, the news is surfacing that Boseman got married to his longtime girlfriend and partner Taylor Simone Ledward.

Who is she?

Who Is Taylor Simone Ledward? Wiki, Age

Reportedly, Chadwick Boseman and Taylor Simone got married to each other. 

That makes Taylor Simone Boseman’s wife.

However, besides Boseman’s fame, who is Taylor Simone Ledward?

Taylor Simone Ledward was born in 1991, and at the moment, her age is 29 years old. Ledward has an impressive height of 5.7 ft.

Professionally speaking, Taylor is a singer and an avid music enthusiast. 

Ledward joined the California State Polytechnic University Pomona, where she emphasized on music.

In 2014, Ledward graduated with a degree in Music Industry Studies.

While studying at the California State Polytechnic University, Ledward also served as a lead singer for her school’s Jazz band.

When Did Taylor Simone Ledward and Chadwick Boseman Meet?

The famous "Black Panther" star, Chadwick Boseman and his wife, Taylor Simone, met back in the mid-2010s. 

During that time, Taylor was still in school because of which Chadwick kept his relationship with his girlfriend a secret. 

Although there was an age gap of 14 years between Chadwick and Taylor, it did not cause any issue between them.

Boseman & Ledward’s Relationship Revealed!

After Taylor graduated from California State Polytechnic University in 2014, it took a year for Boseman to reveal his relationship. 

However, Boseman did not talk about his relationship with his girlfriend right away. 

It was when Boseman arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2015 that people caught a glimpse of Taylor Simone Ledward for the first time. She accompanied the actor.

After their debut appearance at the airport, the couple was seen very frequently.

Boseman Diagnosed with Cancer – 2016

Just more than a year into dating, Boseman found out that he had cancer.

In 2016, Boseman went to the hospital because of health complications. 

The reports came out, and Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016.

This came as a shock for both Boseman and then-girlfriend Taylor Simone.

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Appearing In Events

The 43-year-old star brought his beautiful girlfriend as his plus one at the Red-Carpet event for "Black Panther," and "21 Bridges" premier in 2018.

Taylor Ledward accompanied Boseman to a lot of events together.

It was in 2019 when Boseman talked about his girlfriend for the first time publicly

In March pf 2019, Chadwick won the award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture.

He went up on the stage, received the award, and made a speech—a speech, expressing his love towards Simone.

Chadwick Boseman’s Speech To Girlfriend Simone

The "21 Bridges" actor gave out some mandatory gratitude towards God, his friends, and his colleagues.

After that, love-filled acknowledgment, dedicated to his girlfriend.

Chadwick expressed how Simone remains with him every day and that he’d like to acknowledge in such a special moment. 

Chadwick Boseman said, 

“Simone, you’re with me every day. I have to acknowledge you right now. Love You”

When the other camera focused on Simone, she mouthed “I Love You” to Boseman with tears-filled eyes, and gave a flying kiss.

Did Simone Ledward’s Family Approve?

In an interview, Simone’s grandmother expressed her joy for the couple.

She said how Chadwick and Simone respect each other and how they are extremely happy together.

Both Chadwick and Simone’s family approved of the relationship.

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Did Chadwick and Simone Get Married?

According to several reports, Boseman and Ledward did, in fact, get married before the actor’s untimely death.

Previously, the rumor was that the couple were planning for a wedding in 2020.

According to an official statement released by the actor’s team, Chadwick Boseman and Taylor Simone Ledward did get married.

The statement referred to Simone Ledward as his wife.

"It was the honor of [Boseman's] career to bring King T'Challa to life in Black Panther. He died in his home, with his wife and family by his side," the statement read. "The family thanks you for your love and prayers, and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time."

The whole Boseman family is grieving at the loss of Chadwick, their loved one. 

On another note, the whole world remains in shock, not being able to believe that Chadwick Boseman is no more. 

What Caused Chadwick Boseman's Death?

Chadwick Boseman, born on November 29, 1976, died on August 29, 2020, at his home surrounded by friends and family.

The actor was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2016.

Despite battling cancer, Boseman gave great movies. He appeared in "Black Panther", "Avengers: Infinity Wars," "Avengers: End Game," and "21 Bridges." 

According to his family and team, the cause of death was cancer.

He was a very talented actor, director, writer, and producer.

He was working in "Yasuke", "What if…?" and "Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom."