Young people these days are extremely talented, but have you ever seen a perfect package like Ruby Jay?

This young personality here is an actress with a title role in her resume and also a singer that people love to listen to. 

That said, here is everything that you may need to learn about her. 

Ruby Jay Bio, Age, Parents, School

The famous Holly Hobbie actress and a very talented young artist, Ruby Jay, was born on December 3, 2004, in California. 

At the moment, Ruby is 15 years old and already has a moving career.

Ruby was born to father Anthony Mark Kutscher Jr and mother Belinda Jean Kutscher.

Since early on, Ruby’s parents have always been very supportive of her choices. While Ruby aspires to become a real estate agent later, her parents are completely fine with her acting career at the moment. They also show content towards her real estate decision.

Ruby also has a sibling, a sister named Pearl Dee.

Ruby Jay (left) with father Anthony, Mother Belinda and sister Pearl.
Ruby Jay (left) with father Anthony, Mother Belinda, and sister Pearl. (

Jay goes to Orange County School of the Arts and manages her career along with her studies as well. 

Is Ruby Jay Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

For a young and talented personality like Ruby, it’s only natural that people ask about her relationship status. 

Although very young, people often ask if Ruby has a boyfriend. And the answer is surprising, no.

That is right, Jay is single, or so it seems. 

What we mean by that is the fact that Ruby seems single because she has no public record of dating till this date. 

So, it naturally goes without saying that Ruby Jay is not dating, and thus, there’s no boyfriend as well. Or is it something of a façade?

Although speculation, celebrities usually hide their personal information because of privacy. There’s a chunky chance that Ruby has a secret relationship and, therefore, a boyfriend. 

But until Ruby Jay confirms this theory, it merely remains as a speculation. 

Ruby Jay Background, Height

The Unicorn actress Ruby Jay was born to an American family, which means that she shares white ethnicity. 

Also, her ancestry roots at the moment remain oblivious to everyone. 

As far as talks about her height go, that is something of a controversial issue here. At the moment, Ruby’s height is in the 5ft - 5.5ft range. The reason why it’s controversial because the next time people see Ruby, she might have gained a few inches or more.

She has a lot of room to grow. 

Ruby Jay Career, TV Shows

Since the age of three, Ruby began performing and acting. Ruby took upon dancing and performing other acts from a very young age, which inspired acting in her. 

In 2016, Jay made her debut appearance in Grey’s Anatomy as Winnie. With that start, Ruby’s career took off.

The following year, Ruby auditioned for What They Got Right and Tangled: The Series and got both parts.

Apart from that, Ruby also appeared in Modern Family, but it was not until 2018 when she got her breakthrough role.

In 2018, Ruby bagged a starring role of Holly Hobbie in Hulu’s show Holly Hobbie.

Most recently, Ruby appeared in Fancy Nancy and in The Unicorn as Grace Felton. Apart from acting, Ruby also sings and she sings very beautifully. 

Ruby also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her singing and it has over 70 thousand followers already. 

While acting and singing seems to keep Ruby busy, she still strongly feels about becoming a real estate agent when she grows up.