Everyone is in love with Rachel Naomi Hilson; most of them just keep it to themselves. This Is Us actress and a very talented young personality, Rachel is on the rise. 

There are. However, certain things are still missing about Rachel that her fans long to know. Some of her personal life information such as her dating affair, family, career. 

So, here, learn more about Rachel in detail.

Rachel Naomi Hilson Age, Bio, School

Love, Victor actress Rachel Naomi Hilson was born on October 30, 1995, in Baltimore, Maryland. At the moment, Rachel is 24 years old.

Born on October 30, Rachel shares the zodiac sign of Scorpio and has a height of over 5.4 ft. Hilson shares black ethnicity and strongly represents the black community as well. 

Raised in Baltimore, Rachel began acting since the age of 10 when an agent found her talents interesting. 

Apart from acting, Rachel is also an avid dancer who trained for over a decade. 

Rachel graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts and later joined New York University, where she studies race, politics, and theatre.

Rachel Naomi Hilson Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

When it comes to Hilson's personal life, it becomes difficult to tell if Rachel is entirely closed or open about it.

At the moment, Rachel only seems to focus on her career. Hence, there isn’t any dating affair going on at the moment. 

But that is quite odd for a beautiful and young 24 years old not to have a boyfriend. 

This is the reason why it’s so difficult to tell if Rachel is fully open to fully closed about her relationship status at the moment. 

Rachel did have a boyfriend, but that was only limited to on-screen romance when she played the Nisa in The Good Wife.

The fact that Rachel doesn’t even have a TV at her place is something of a shocker as well. This precisely shows how focused she is on her career at the moment. 

Rachel Naomi Hilson Career, TV Shows, Love, Victor

In 2010, Rachel began appearing as Nisa Dalmar in The Good Wife. After that, Rachel appeared on Royal Pains for one episode.

In 2015, Hilson appeared in Elementary, The Slap, Nurse Jackie, and The Affair. 

Other prominent appearances of Naomi include Tiana in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, As Harmony Curtis in rising.

Rachel Hilson’s famous appearance is in This Is Us as Beth Clarke. 

Most recently, Rachel Hilson also appears in Love, Victor, alongside actor Anthony Trupel.

Apart from TV Shows, Rachel also appeared in movies like Cass, Night, Kings, and As They Slept.