Wanda Hutchins, a self-sufficient interior designer, and a very nice and beautiful lady. Also, she’s ex-wife to famous Michael Strahan, the former NFL football player. 

Here’s all that you need to know about Wanda Hutchins, her divorce with Michael Strahan, and their kids as well. 

Who Is Wanda Hutchins? Age, Bio

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Wanda Hutchins was born on June 6, 1973, in the United States. 

At the moment, Wanda Hutchins’ age is 47 years old.

Wanda was born to American parents who shared African-American ethnicity. Therefore, Wanda belongs to the black ethnicity as well. 

Hutchins went to Mannheim Christian Academy, where she also met Michael.

At the moment, Wanda lives in Houston.

Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan

As just mentioned, Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan met each other while they both attended Mannheim Christian Academy. 

From a very young age, Michael and Wanda began dating each other.

Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins.
Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins.

In Michael’s book, “Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life,” he said how Wanda wanted to date him.

The fact that Wanda wanted to date him took Strahan by surprise as he thought Wanda was too beautiful for him. 

Nevertheless, Strahan and Hutchins began dating each other. 

It was all when Wanda and Michael were both very young kids. Things quickly changed for the couple.

Wanda Hutchins Pregnant at 18

When Wanda was just 19 years old, she became pregnant with Michael’s child.

The couple decided to welcome the baby despite being very young as Wanda was 18, and Michael was 20 when expecting the first baby.

On November 10, 1991, Wanda and Michael welcomed their first baby together, a daughter, and named her Tanita Strahan.

At the moment, Tanita is 29 years old.

Early Life Struggle and Second Baby

During that time, Strahan was still a struggling figure in football, and they faced some hard times as well. 

When Strahan’s career began taking off, Wanda became pregnant for the second time and this time with a boy.

On September 12, 1994, Hutchins and Strahan welcomed their second child together, a baby boy, and named him Michael Strahan Jr. 

Wanda Hutchins with children.
Wanda Hutchins with children. (instagram.com)

At the moment, Michael Strahan Jr. is 26 years old.

Hutchins and Strahan – Marriage & Divorce

The High School Sweethearts, Wanda Hutchins, and Michael Strahan began living as a family after welcoming two children. 

Some months after welcoming their first child together, Hutchins and Strahan got married to each other. 

In 1992, Hutchins and Strahan married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony that both their families attended. 

A year after getting married, New York Giants drafted Strahan, and his professional career in NFL began from there.

Just a year later, Strahan and Hutchins welcomed their second child together.

Strahan’s family loved Hutchins, and the feeling was mutual as well.

However, just a year later, after welcoming their second child, love began getting sour. 

In 1996, souring love ended in divorce. At that moment, both Hutchins and Strahan refrained from giving out any statement that could clarify the reason behind the divorce. 

However, years later, Hutchins hinted that their marriage broke because they were very young. 

Hutchins also stated that Michael never cheated on her and always remained very faithful to her and the whole family. 

But the fact that both were very young and trying to figure things out caused their marriage to fail.

After Divorce Child Custody

The divorce between Strahan and Hutchins was amicable, as both were familiar with what caused the rift.

After marriage, both Strahan and Hutchins agreed that it was the best for Hutchins to keep the children.

Strahan was rising in NFL at that moment, and naturally, he was very busy as well.

Michael Strahan with children.
Michael Strahan with children. (instagram.com)

When the divorce was finalized, Hutchins moved to Germany with her kids. However, later, for kids’ education purposes, Hutchins returned to the United States.

Hutchins and both children came to Houston, Michael bought the family of three a $163,000 home. 

Hutchins also receives $2,500/month to raise both kids. 

Wanda Hutchins’ Son Dorian

Hutchins has another child; however, it’s not with Michael Strahan. 

After a divorce from Michael Strahan in 1996, Wanda remained single for a while. However, during the late 90s, Wanda began seeing another man.

Unfortunately, Wanda never revealed the identity of that man. 

However, in 2000, Wanda became pregnant with another baby. 

On February 19, 2001, Wanda welcomed her third child, a son, and named him Dorian. 

As Dorian is 19 years old now, he remains very close with his siblings and also with Michael Strahan Sr.

Michael Strahan Jr, Dorian Hutchins, Tanita Strahan.
(From left to right) Michael Strahan Jr, Dorian Hutchins, Tanita Strahan. (instagram.com)

Michael once said that he considers Dorian as his child, although he isn’t. 

Wanda Hutchins Post Divorce Relationship

Even after the divorce, Wanda Hutchins remains very good friends with Michael. While Wanda’s personal life remains hidden, Strahan makes headlines most of the time.

Strahan met another woman named Jean Muggli at a Spa that she worked in back in the late 90.

After dating for quite some time, Strahan and Muggli married each other and welcomed twin daughters in 2004, Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan. 

Michael Strahan with daughters Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan.
Michael Strahan with daughters Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan. (instagram.com)

Just a couple of months later, Strahan and Muggli began divorce proceedings because things grew acrimonious between them. 

However, the divorce case turned very nasty as both parties began accusing one another. 

However, that was a time when Wanda stepped up for Strahan. 

Muggli began making accusations that Strahan was gay; Hutchins came to Strahan’s defense, saying that the allegation was just over the top and was fake.

When the divorce was finalized in 20016, Jean Muggli received $15 million and $18,000 as monthly child support in settlement from Michael who has a net worth of $65 million.

Strahan later went on to have a romantic relationship with Nicole Mitchell, who was previously married to Eddie Murphy. 

Even after getting engaged, the couple later canceled their upcoming wedding.

At the moment, Strahan is dating Kayla Quick, who is 20 years younger than Strahan, who is 48 at the moment. 

Moreover, Kayla Quick has criminal background after being engaged in disorderly conduct and theft as well. 

What Is Wanda Hutchins’ Job?

After the divorce from Michael Strahan, she almost vanished.

At the moment, Wanda remains based in Houston and works as an independent interior designer. 

Hutchins runs an Instagram account under the name Wandaful Home Designs, where she posts her work. 

Wanda Hutchins' interior design work.
Wanda Hutchins' interior design work. (instagram.com)

Wanda makes tables, chairs, and a lot of those similar things and often remains engaged in creative work.

Where Is Wanda Hutchins in 2021?

In 2021, Wanda lives in Houston, working on her career as an independent interior designer. 

Wanda Hutchins' wood furniture work.
Wanda Hutchins' wood furniture work. (instagram.com)

Apart from working on her passion; making furniture and interior decor items from woods and other items, Wanda likes spending time with her children, go out for walks with her dogs, and some more furniture.