You already know that Jill Nicolini is one of the hottest reporters out there and there is a good reason why.

See. Jill not only introduces herself as a reporter but also as a former model, actress and also – astoundingly, a reality-TV star.

That is pretty amazing. But still, people seem to be oblivious about her personal life information in detail. Who is Jill Nicolini after all?

All about her early life, husband, married life, family, and children right here.

Jill Nicolini Early Life – Wiki, Bio, Age, Education

WPIX 11 reporter Jill Nicolini was born on January 10, 1978, in Farmingville, New York. Jill is currently 41 years old and maintains her beauty and mesmerizing measurements with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Jill was born to father Anthony Nicolini and mother Michelle R. Nicolini who passed away in 2017. During her mother’s last days, Jill initiated a GoFundMe campaign with hopes to save her mother.

 Nicolini grew up with her parents and her older sibling, who has her father’s name.

At the moment, further information regarding her family and early life remain a secret. Jill enrolled at the Stony Brook University after graduating from Sachem North High School in 1996.

Jill then joined the Suffolk County Community College in 1998 and graduated in 1999. After completion of a bachelor’s degree, Jill attended the NYIT from where she Jill graduated with a Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies.

Jill Nicolini Personal Life – Married, Husband, Children

Many people who follow Jill wish to have someone like or herself as their partner. But that seems like a farfetched dream of many. As it so happens. Jill is married and also has a child.

That is right. Jill Nicolini is married despite what a lot of tabloids claim. Over the media and tabloids outlets, people claim that Jill never married.

However, a tweet that Jill made back in 2014 says otherwise. When a person jokingly told her to take care of ‘his’ baby, Jill snapped and mildly threatened how her husband would not like that.

Cutting to the chase. Jill Nicolini married to a man named Peter Khachadurian. To talk more about Peter, he looks after sales at Dave Bofill Marine Inc. Peter, an Old Westbury native, is also the former owner of Photo Plus Inc.

Jill Nicolini and possible husband Peter Khachaudurian
Jill Nicolini and possible husband Peter Khachaudurian. (

The couple welcomed two beautiful children together. Anthony Thomas was born in March of 2015, and Jackson Henry was born in May of 2017.

Jill Nicolini with kids
Jill Nicolini with kids. (

However, it is unclear if Jill and Peter are still married. According to Peter’s Facebook status, he is single. This indicates that Nicolini and Khachadurian divorced each other secretly.

Jill Nicolini Salary and Net Worth

Nicolini started her career in journalism as an Anchor and Reporter at Tribune Broadcasting in 2004. Jill worked with Tribune Broadcasting for more than seven years and then moved to Fox News Channel.

From working with Fox News, Jill then went to join CBS network after two years in 2013. Jill currently works as an Entertainment reporter for CBS as well as a traffic reporter for WPIX11.

With that said, Jill has a massive salary coming in her bank accounts. Although her salary remains unclear, Jill makes six figures annually and has a net worth of $200 thousand.