In real life, we try to find beauty in a person’s soul rather than in their skin. But in the showbiz, a person’s beauty is as essential as their talent. In this regards, let’s talk about American fashion model Yoanna House who is equally beautiful and talented.

The winner of Cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model, Yoanna House, has undoubtedly won millions of heart with her undeniable beauty. However, she has chosen to keep her personal life a little far from her career. Not only that, but she also kept her career on pause when she was on the verge of attaining the height of success. But where is Yoanna now and how’s her married life with her husband going?

Yoanna House Married, Husband, Wedding

Most of Yoanna’s fans were surprised when she disappeared from her inclining career. But years later, it came to light that she had a secret wedding and welcomed a baby with her husband. It might have been a decade when she first gushed about her family life, but still, there is no information about her husband. So who’s the lucky man who stole Yoanna’s heart?

Yoanna House and husband

Yoanna House pictured with her attorney husband in February 2019. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As per Queen Bees star Yoanna’s Instagram post, she is married to an attorney. Earlier this year on February 27, 2019, she shared a picture with her husband on Instagram with a sweet caption. In the caption, she talked about the relationship that they share and congratulated him for being Board Certified and for his new venture. She said,

Our uniqueness, our individuality, and life experiences molds us into fascinating beings. I always loved to be challenged and try to live my most authentic self to cultivate a private life with my husband /my best friend. Trying to always live in understanding, love, honesty , loyalty and compassion.

She continued,

To the brilliant man who lives by the quote “Bullies and snobs have always ignited in me the fire that’s smolders in my soul” here’s to awakening the greatness within and lighting a fire in the one we love. So excited about the future and fulfilling our God filled purpose. Long overdue congratulations on becoming Board Certified (not many can or even try ) and your new venture. Believing in equality and that we are all equal. To love and seek love and the best for others.

Well, her husband is not the only one who has conquered her heart! She has a cute son named Alastair whom she regards as her best mate.

Yoanna House and son

Yoanna House with her son in March 2018. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Her son was born in August 2008. Although she is reluctant in opening up about her personal life, she frequently shares pictures with her son.

Yoanna House Weight Loss & Plastic Surgery

Since charismatic appearance is essential in showbiz, some people choose to go under the knives to enhance their appearance. One such name is Yoanna House.

When the television host Yoanna made her come back by attending a red carpet event in 2010 after disappearing for quite a long time, she had a drastic change in her appearance. It seemed as if she had done breast augmentation and facial fillers.

But when asked about her new looks, she said that her appearance changed after she had a baby and gained a lot of weight due to the pregnancy. She said,

“I know that I’ve changed. I just had a baby about a year ago, and I put on a lot of weight…My baby doesn’t sleep through the night, so that might age you a little bit. Other than that, I’ve never done anything to my face, besides going a little too overboard with bronzer. I think the face is such a delicate thing. I’m just going to stick with my bronzer and my great makeup artist who contours me.”

She did admit that she had a plastic surgery stating that she enhanced her breasts a couple of years ago as she wasn’t happy the way she looked. Yoanna now looks stunning after the weight loss. She also has been active in her career again and is assembling a wonderful net worth from it.