Jessica Griffin just got engaged, and fans cannot be any happier for the couple. Although they struggled with criticisms, Jessica and her boyfriend, now fiancé made it this far.

The couple is ready to get married!

Dr. Jessica Engaged To Boyfriend

April 14, 2019, will forever mark as a special day because Jessica’s boyfriend Jon Francetic proposed to her and nobody saw it coming.

The finance analyst turned celebrity hunk revealed via his social media that he got engaged when he post a picture of the couple on the Grand Canyon while Jessica gleefully showed the ring.

A fitness trail turned into a romantic spot.

“I just love how happy she looks. Oh, and we got engaged at the Grand Canyon yesterday! And now @dr.jessicagriffin is mine foreverrrr”

Jessica Griffin and Jon Francetic at Grand Canyon
Dr. Jessica Griffin and fiance Jon Francetic at the Grand Canyon, engaged. (instagram)

The caption also had hashtag which said that he was nervous. While Jessica has not talked about how it went down, a close source revealed that Jessica was amazed and did not anticipate it or saw it coming.

“He proposed after their hike and her sister was there. He was so nervous! Jessica had no idea what was happening. It was a total surprise.”

The same source also revealed that the couple is delighted at the moment, beyond thrilled but knew their relationship would eventually come to this.

But how did this romantic couple meet first and who is fiance?

Who is fiancé Jon Francetic Bio?

Jon Francetic is a financial analyst who is currently working at Wind River Environmental. Jon Francetic is currently 30 years old. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration, and Management with 3.67 from Suffolk University.

Later he received his Master degree in Business Administration and International Business with 3.2 GPA from the Bond University.

He again studied Masters of Science in Financial Services and Banking. He has previously worked for PADI America’s and Padi Asia Pacific and Wellington Management.

Apart from that, he is famous for appearing in an American Reality show “Married At First Sight.” He previously was married to Molly Duff but decided to split because of incompatibility issues. That is how the couple met.

How Jessica and Jon Meet?

Jessica is a psychologist and relationship expert who helped the contestant in the show “Married At First Sight” by giving them expert relationship advice.

While Advising Jon on his relationship with Holly, the couple sparked. However, when the couple became public with their relationship after about eight months of his split from Holly, people started to judge.

Jon swiftly cleared things up by saying there was no legal objection that restricted them from dating each other and that the contract with the show did not void as well.

Jessica Griffin Bio

Jessica Griffin was born on August 13, 1978, in the United States. She is currently 41 years old. She joined The College of Wooster and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

She later joined The College of William and Mary and also Eastern Virginia Medical School from where she graduated with Psy.D., Clinical and Forensic Psychology in 2003.

She started working as a Psychologist at Children’s Hospital of The Kind’s Daughters and later moved to work at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and has been working there since 2006.

Jessica also has a 10 years old son from her last relationship which she has not revealed anything about. She also will not be joining the “Married At First Sight” Cast now.