Kaitlin Monte is officially off work is taking a leave for a couple of months as she approaches her due date.

The famous KRIV journalist is all set to welcome her second baby with husband Chris Fohlin and their daughter Avalin.

Kaitlin Monte with husband and daughter
Kaitlin Monte on Maternity Leave, enjoys time with husband and daughter. (Instagram.com)

Kaitlin Monte Off Work, Takes Maternity Leave

From June 11, Kaitlin Monte will not appear and report on FOX26-KRIV for quite some time now because she is on her maternity leave.

The Emmy-nominated reporter is in her third trimester, which is about 38 weeks now. Although Kaitlin has not revealed the exact due date, we assume that the baby will make his/her’s debut this month (In June)

Kaitlin first confirmed her pregnancy new on January 12, 2019, via Instagram where she plainly said, ‘Confirmed’ with a pregnant woman emoticon.

Kaitlin Monte pregnancy confirmed
Confirming pregnancy. (Instagram.com)

However, fans knew a week before the announcement as in a particular picture on December 25; it showed a definite baby bump.

Before confirming pregnancy

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Husband and Daughter

While mommy Kaitlin is over the moon, her husband Chris Fohlin and daughter Avalin cannot wait for the new addition as well.

All of them are very excited to welcome their new family member, and so are her fans, friends, and followers.

Kaitlin Monte and Chris Fohlin married on June 11, 2016, after the Brooklyn Bridge engagement fairy moment.

However, though Kaitlin and husband Chris married in 2016, the couple has stayed together for seventeen years now (17 years) since they first met in 2002.

Just a year later after getting married, Kaitlin Monte and husband Chris Fohlin welcomed their beautiful daughter Avalin on April 6, 2017. Avalin is two years old right now.

We will update you when the second baby arrives. Till then happy maternity to Kaitlin Monte!  

UPDATE!!! Kaitlin Monte Welcomed a Son

Kaitlin Monte and husband Chris Fohlin welcomed their second baby just weeks after Monte went on maternity leave.

On July 18, 2019, Kaitlin welcomed her baby boy weighing 8 pounds and 7 ounces. Monte and Fohlin named their son Christopher.

Kaitlin Monte's son Christopher.
Kaitlin Monte's son Christopher. (twitter.com)

Congrats to the Fox26 reporter Kaitlin Monte.